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Trading Places: Tom Kostopoulos

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
MONTREAL -- Lots of guys would love to trade places with their favorite Canadiens player.  What would the players do, though, if they could spend some time in someone else’s shoes? 

We put Tom Kostopoulos on the hot seat, where the questions didn't always lead to easy answers.

If you were Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, would you rather date Jessica Simpson or win the Super Bowl? Win the Super Bowl.  Ladies love winners.  Jessica would come back.

If a Grey Cup Final between the Montreal Alouettes and the Toronto Argonauts was possible, who would you be cheering for?  The Argos, no question.  When a team is led by Pinball Clemons, you have no choice but to cheer for them.  Sorry!

If you were a racecar driver, would you choose Formula 1 or NASCAR? I’d have to go with NASCAR.  I don’t have a problem with the roughness of it and going bumper to bumper with the other guys.  In Formula 1, I’d cause all kinds of accidents because I’m a pretty bad driver.   

If you were a general manager in the NHL, who would you build your team around: Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky?  Gretzky would be my number one choice.  More games played.  More points. More Cups.  There’s your reason.

If you were the commissioner of the NHL, would you bring back the tie or keep the shootout? 
I’d bring back the tie and it’s not just because I don’t get to go in the shootout. (laughs) There’s nothing wrong with not having a winner every night. 

If you could be a high tech magnate, would you be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?  I just switched to Mac – they don’t get viruses.  I hate viruses.

If you could go back in time and be part of a band, would you rather be in the Village People or the New Kids on the Block?  I’d like to say the Rolling Stones, but since it’s not one of my options, I have to go with the New Kids.  I know their songs better than the Village People.

If you could replace Sylvester Stallone in one of his movies, would you rather be Rocky or Rambo?  That would be awesome; he’s one of my favorite actors.  I’d be Rocky so I could fight the giant Russian in Rocky IV. 

If you could banish one of these kid’s shows from the airwaves, would you get rid of the Teletubbies or Dora the Explorer?  Easy.  Dora the Explorer.  I have to watch that every day.  At least it’s helped me learn a few words of Spanish. 

If you were a professional doubles tennis player, would you rather play with Rafael Nadal or Anna Kournikova?  I’d sacrifice winning and choose Kournikova.  I’d let her play the net. (laughs)

If you were a DJ, would you prefer to spin hip-hop or country? 
For that one, it’s not even a tough choice.  I’m pretty “multi-musical”, so I’d probably play both types of music anyway.

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