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Trading Places: Josh Gorges

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
MONTREAL – There are plenty of fans who would love to trade places with their favorite Canadiens player.  What would the players do, though, if they could spend a little time in someone else’s shoes?

We put Josh Gorges on the hot seat, where the questions didn't always lead to easy answers.

If you were Cowboys QB Tony Romo, you would rather date Jessica Simpson or win the Super Bowl? Win the Super Bowl.  The opportunity to win a championship is really rare, but beautiful women are everywhere.

If you were watching a Grey Cup Final between Montreal and British Colombia, would you root for the Lions or the Alouettes? This question is just going to get me into trouble.  I’ll say the Lions because they’re kind of my hometown team, but I can say that I was cheering for the Als when they played the Stampeders in the Grey Cup this year.

If you were a race car driver, you would race in Formula 1 or NASCAR? I’d have to go with Formula 1 because honestly, I don’t really get NASCAR.  Everything about Formula 1 is better and way more exciting.

If you were an NHL GM, would you build your team around Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky? You can’t go wrong with either of those guys.  If I absolutely had to choose, I’d go with Wayne.  Wayne is Wayne.  I mean, the guy holds almost every record imaginable.

If you were the commissioner of the NHL, would you bring back the tie or keep the shootout? I’d stick with the shootout.  Fans like it, it’s fun for the players and even though you never want to lose, you can at least get a point out of it.

If you could be a Seinfeld character, would you rather be Kramer or George Costanza?
Kramer. He’s always so relaxed.  Costanza is a bit too uptight and neurotic for me.

If you were a professional tennis player, would you rather play doubles with Rafael Nadal or Anna Kournikova?  Kournikova, no question.

If you could replace Sylvester Stallone in one of his movies, would you rather be Rocky or Rambo?  It’s pretty tough to choose between two legendary characters like them.  I guess I’ll say Rocky because his story is so inspirational. 

If you could be a guest on a reality TV show, would you be on Dancing with the Stars or Canadian Idol? I’d be on Dancing with the Stars because I’ve got a couple of dance moves that would definitely help me win.

If you had to do one household chore for the rest of your life, would it be laundry or washing dishes? That’s easy!  Definitely laundry. For me, it’s pretty simple: I dump all my laundry in the same wash and just let the machine do the work before throwing everything into the dryer.

If you could be a famous hairdresser from a movie, would you rather be Zohan or Edward Scissorhands? Zohan seems to do a little better with the ladies, so I’ll go with Zohan.

If you had to grow facial hair, would you go with the ZZ Top beard or a classic 70’s moustache? I’d grow the 70’s-style moustache.  I think that trend needs to make a comeback.  A few of the guys have even tried it out a couple of times. 

If you had two hours to kill, would you rather watch Bride Wars on wide screen or have dinner with Mikhail Grabovski? I’d watch the chick flick.  I think having dinner with Grabovski would be a little too quiet.

Alexandre Harvey is a writer for Translated by Shauna Denis.

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