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Toronto - February 11, 2012

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

While touring around the provincial capital, we finally found proof of something Quebecers have known for years: Torontonians secretly love Montreal. How else can you explain the Habs love plastered all over College Station downtown? Well, actually the story behind the "Hockey Knights in Canada" display dates back to 1984 when artist Charles Pachter designed the two murals to be displayed in the TTC station. The Canadiens were on board with the project from the start, but word on the street is that when then-Leafs owner Harold Ballard found out his arch-nemeses would be featured alongside his team, he wasn't happy about sharing the wall space and tried to kill the project. Guess he was still a little steamed about '79. And '78. And '66. And '65...

Our Spidey senses were tingling during our walk through Younge-Dundas Square. Walk down Ste-Catherine street in Montreal on a weekend and you're bound to see a buff, whistling Spiderman entertaining fans just around the corner. Toronto's answer to our web-slinger is a little leaner and a little less musical but we still felt right at home with Toronto's version of the Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman around.

There are a few things we love about Toronto, two of which involve the word “street”: the delicious hot dogs you can buy on almost any corner downtown known as “street meat” and their vintage 1900’s mode of transportation known as the streetcar. Sure, they’re generally unreliable and probably won’t arrive on schedule the way the subway will (sorry TTC), but there’s something fun about feeling like a tourist even on your way to work in the morning.

We’ve seen our share of sports bars in our travels, but Real Sports in Toronto takes the cake. Located literally a stone’s throw from the Air Canada Centre, Real Sports has wall-to-wall screens showing every professional sporting event imaginable and the menu includes staples like “Burkie’s Dog House”, a selection of gourmet hot dogs named after Leafs GM Brian Burke. It’s got everything you want in a sports bar, with just enough “Toronto-y-ness” to remind you exactly what city you’re in while you’re there.

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