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Toronto - April 27, 2013

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

We didn’t get the chance to see who was responsible for busting the glass at the beginning of the Canadiens’ practice at the MasterCard Centre, but from the reaction of fans standing next to it when it happened, a morning coffee won’t probably won’t be necessary most after having the puck literally tear through the glass in front of them and end up on the other side. Not sure if the Leafs’ defensemen, who were practicing on another sheet of ice at the MasterCard Centre got wind of the glass-shattering blast, but if they did, a few of them might think twice before blocking too many shots on Saturday night.

Back when we first started up our On the Road feature a last year, the first entry in the blog was a photo we took of the visitors’ dressing room at the ACC for the first game of the 2011-12 season that happened to be between the Habs and the Leafs. People were pretty much getting knocked down left and right by the sheer amount of media clamouring to get their mics and recorders into scrums surrounding Habs players. Two years later, with a monster match-up between the two playoff-bound teams on tap to close out the campaign, it somehow managed to be even worse this time around. As we did the first time, let’s play a little game… can you count how many reporters are crammed into this shot? It should also be noted that the other side of the room looked exactly the same – we just didn’t have a lens wide enough to capture the whole scene.

If you’re a Canadiens fan in Montreal, English or French, you’ve more than likely had the pleasure of hearing RDS’s Pierre Houde expertly calling the Habs’ play-by-play on TV at least a few times in your life. While it’s no secret that Pierre has an in-depth knowledge of and passion for hockey, few know about his other big passion – aviation. A licensed pilot, Pierre took advantage of his Friday in Toronto to head to the air field, rent a plane and take to the skies above Canada’s biggest city for an afternoon of high-flying fun. Generous enough to share a few pictures of his scenic voyage with us during the team’s morning skate, we couldn’t resist asking him to let us post one, taking our final On the Road entry for the season off the road and into the skies.

On Friday, the Habs held an optional practice at the Maple Leafs’ practice facility, the MasterCard Centre, in Etobioke. At least half the Habs that took part in the morning practice had played for the Hamilton Bulldogs at one point or another in their careers. Since Hamilton happens to be just down the road, there were more than a couple of fans that showed up for the practice rocking Bulldogs jerseys. Not sure if this particular fan was missing the presence of Tinordi, Weber, Dumont or Blunden from the Hamilton squad, but was clearly on site to cheer them all on. We know it’s not a Bulldogs-Marlies match-up, but he’ll just have to settle for a Habs-Leafs tilt on Saturday night.

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