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Toronto - April 13

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

The Bell Centre is a pretty cool place to work. If we’re tired of sitting at our desks all day, we’re just a swipe card away from choosing one of the 21,273 seats to sit in and stare up at the 24 Stanley Cup banners and 17 retired jerseys hanging in the rafters to soak in the history of hockey’s most iconic club. As awesome as that can be, we think we met our match during a trip to the UFC Canada office in downtown Toronto.

It’s no secret we’re big fans of the UFC. In fact, flip through the current issue of CANADIENS magazine, and you’ll see two big-time UFC stars (Georges St-Pierre and longtime Brandon Prust friend, Sam Stout) grace our pages. We stopped by the UFC Canada headquarters in Toronto to drop off a few copies of the mag and couldn’t believe their keen eye for detail. For example, step into the boardroom and you’ll never be at a loss for inspiration. Not only do the big wigs at the UFC do their brainstorming while looking up at before and after shots of their fighters and other signed memorabilia, the table they sit around is actually shaped like an octagon. In the middle of the table, instead of a phone for conference calls, they also keep a tiny diorama of the upcoming fight to help ideas flow a little more freely.

More exciting than the actual conference room itself is how the crew at the UFC get jacked up before a big meeting. There’s nothing that keeps your eye on the prize like literally staring at the UFC championship belt on your way into a planning session. Want to feel like a champ before giving a big presentation? Some people get prepped by using tools like positive self-talk; others throw on a diamond-encrusted trophy.

Even in an office plastered with enough eye candy to get you pumped to come to work every morning, everyone is bound to have a bad day every once in a while. The UFC’s got its employees covered on that front, too. Feeling frustrated on a tough day? Forget going for a walk to clear your head; just step up to the Ultimate Fighting Championship Punch Station and channel your inner GSP while pummeling the leather bag like it's Nick Diaz in UFC 158.

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