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Top 10: Signs your hockey equipment needs to be washed.

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

10. @smilyhupe  -- When it starts being able to stand on its own.

9. @DTremblay27 -- When your stink lines are longer than the blue lines.

8. @JohnnyBrunswick – When you notice Oscar the Grouch has taken up residence in your left-hand glove.

7. @asthmarugger -- When Health Canada declares your locker room a hazardous waste dump.

6. @DTremblay27 -- When you’re the only guy from either team that’s going into the corners.

5. @Jay9199 -- When you walk into the locker room and see someone’s left a 6-pack of Febreeze in your stall.

4. @Arkvaender -- When your Habs jersey starts to look like a Bruins jersey.

3. @Marcoricco – When you start to see Youppi hair sprouting out of your equipment.

2. @zackelkaim -- When the flies flying around your gear are finally gone…but only because they're on the floor, dead from the stench.

1. @Sarkastik13 – When you notice your teammates have resorted to using their own jockstraps as surgical masks to hide the smell.

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