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Top 10: Signs you may be too eager for the hockey season to start.

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

10. @jlothian01 You have two kids waving flags as you run into the office every morning.

9. @hammerinhank89 You find yourself sitting on the dock wearing boots, waiting for the pond to freeze.

8. @calnewfie Your wife can’t watch her TV shows because you’ve subscribed to NHL Center Ice and blocked all other channels.

7. @wrightap  You hire a PA announcer to call your family to the dinner table in two languages while you all say: “Je suis Canadien”.

6. @CrossOverDangle Your boss calls you into his office to yell at you, so you face-wash him and pull his shirt over his head.

5. @jspoupart When you fall off your bike, you tell the trainer to stitch you up and send you back in.

4. @runway29  You take a drink at your desk and spit some on the floor.

3. @Stacyohms You start putting up boards around your swimming pool.

2. @puckinghostile  Every time you take a cup out of the dishwasher you hoist it over your head.

1. @JamesODolan You see a guy from accounting crossing the office with his head down so you lay him out!

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