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Top 10: Signs that your goal celebration has gone too far.

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

10. @Stacyohms -- You chest bump your TV.

9. @mitchrobs17 -- Your teammates start trying to keep you from scoring.

8. @gunnerismyhero -- Your team gets scored on three times before you've finished.

7. @SirGaryThomas -- You see it featured in Hockey Players Gone Wild: Too Extreme For TV.

6. @gingras_js -- You get invited to discuss it live on your local TV news.

5. @DrakeMT -- You do the "shoot the glove" celebration, but with an actual gun.

4. @Dan_Hogg -- Ochocinco sees it and says "I should have thought of that one!"

3. @gpl_03 -- You pull a Jimi Hendrix and light your stick on fire, causing the ice to melt, suspending play.

2. @HabsLaughs -- You find yourself in the platinum seats surrounded by fans and shattered glass.

1. @zackelkaim -- You get kicked off the ice by Britney Spears because she's performing in an hour.

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