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Tomas Plekanec: Live from Zurich

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
I’ve been here just over a week and I’ve only been for dinner in downtown Zurich once. I didn’t see much, just a couple of streets around the restaurant, which is pretty similar to Prague. It’s a nice old part of the town, really nice. If I could compare it to anything, I’d say it’s a little bit like old Montreal. The city by itself is very, very clean. There’s a river in the city and it’s so clean that you can almost see right to the bottom.:-) I went with Josef Vasicek who played for Yaroslavl Lokomotiv in Russia this year. He played with the Carolina Hurricanes where he won the Stanley Cup and last year he played for the Islanders.

If we go somewhere in the city, we have to wear our Nike sweatsuits, so people recognize us in the city because of that. Besides that, though, it’s nothing like Montreal. :-)

If we were closer to the city or based downtown, I would be walking around there much more but it takes us about 15 minutes by taxi so it’s not that easy. Otherwise, I really like to walk around, maybe sit down somewhere for coffee. I’m not a big fan of taking pictures or anything when we’re in a big group. I don't know that many hockey players are that way. If I did that, I’d probably take heat from the guys big time. :-)  But, if I go on my own somewhere, I would definitely be taking lots of pics!

Last year, we went on a boat ride as a team but this year, we haven’t done anything like that. We haven’t had much time really. We’ve played every other day and actually Sunday night was our fourth game in five days, so after my flight and everything, there wasn’t a lot of time to do much. And, for the quarterfinals we have to go to Bern, so we’re leaving Zurich tomorrow and will play on Wednesday or Thursday - it depends where we end up in the standings. That will probably be decided today (Monday).

We have a really good group of guys and everything is going well. Since there hasn’t been too much time to really go out, we’ve been hanging out in our trainers’ hotel room after dinner. Our trainers are really, really funny guys and at every World Championships, it seems like they’re getting bigger hotel rooms, almost like VIP rooms. After every dinner, maybe 10 -15 guys hang out there until 10 or 11pm and we watch some funny Czech movies and tell stories from the season. We really have a lot of fun.

That’s it for me for today. Thanks for reading!


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