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Sunrise - March 10, 2013

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Florida is well-known for a lot of things. Oranges, beaches, spring break, etc… But another, less tourist-friendly element it’s famous for is the amazing amount of alligators located largely in and around the Everglades, but also it would seem, sort of everywhere else too. For instance, we couldn’t think of too may other places we’ve visited where right next to a mall and just outside of a TGI Friday’s there exist signs warning us not to feed the alligators. From our experience, such signs tend to be generally reserved for fluffier, less murderous animals like ducks and squirrels. While we didn’t manage to see any giant reptiles on our walk, it still struck us as odd that one would need a sign to explain to people they should avoid approaching wild alligators with their arms outstretched, offering TGI Friday’s leftovers – but we imagine more that a few less-than-bright souls have probably lost some limbs for the sign to exist at all.

While taking a stroll through the Sawgrass Mills shopping complex, wedged right between our hotel and the BB&T Center, we wandered by one of the United States’ 34 LEGO Stores and decided to go in for a closer look… and also to see if they had any hockey themed LEGO sets. They did not. Regardless, the location still beats the pants off any LEGO section you’ll see at your local Toys R Us and besides the traditional box sets for sale on the shelves, the entire back wall of the shop displayed a massive selection of individual, multi-colored pieces for those more creative LEGO builders that aren’t so into instruction manuals. There were more than enough bleu, blanc et rouge pieces on hand for us to have constructed a life-sized LEGO version of the entire Canadiens roster had we arrived in Sunrise with an endless supply of patience and the 2,000 hours needed to make it happen. We did not.

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