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Sunrise - December 31, 2011

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
Who says there’s no snow in Florida? We’d be lying if we said we were sad to have missed the snowstorm that hit Montreal this week, but we have to admit we have a little soft spot for the white stuff. It may not be organic and it definitely didn’t fall from the sky, but there’s still something comforting about seeing a big snow fort (or pile…) even in the 26ºC heat. The best part? We didn’t have to brush it off our cars afterwards!

Visitors’ rooms in most NHL arenas are intentionally cramped, providing little room for the 23 massive hockey players on hand to get dressed. Add bags, goalie pads, sticks and the swarm of Montreal media that follow the Canadiens to the mix and things can get pretty cozy in the opposing dressing room. That’s why the team’s PR staff thought it would make more sense to do Friday’s media scrums in the great outdoors under the mid-day sun – a decision the players and coaching staff (and media) didn’t seem to mind in the least...

On December 4, 2009, the Montreal Canadiens celebrated the franchise’s 100th birthday the only way we knew how: with legends of the game suiting up for one last skate around the ice in full gear. On March 27 this year, it was the City of Fort Lauderdale’s turn to ring in its Centennial. While the only ice at that soiree may have been in blended margarita form, from the sounds of the official Centennial Committee Web site, it was a rocking party just the same.

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