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STORIFY: Habs fans react to the open scrimmage at the Bell Centre on January 17

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Storified by Canadiens Montréal· Fri, Jan 18 2013 10:58:16

La ligne s'allonge! / The line is growing! #hockeyestderetour #hockeyisback Montréal
I am happy that the @CanadiensMTL actually cares about the fans. So awesome what the players did today! Love me some hockeyjustine.
Stading outside the Bell Centre. The @weathernetwork says it’s -20 degrees with the wind chill. It feels more like hockey. cc: @CanadiensMTLDanny Leo
#Habs fans are the best! Lined up 12hrs before a scrimmage game in cold weather. @GMolsonCHC @CanadiensMTL reward these fans with a CUP!!!Raj Patel
Les portes sont ouvertes / Doors are open!#hockeyestderetour #hockeyisback Montréal
It's packed! @CP0031 and all the players meet fans at the entrance to the Open Scrimmage. Montréal
Les joueurs saluent les partisans. #leverleflambeau / The Habs are on hand to greet the fans. #raisethetorch Montréal
Nice gesture MT “@CanadiensMTL: Les joueurs saluent les partisans. / The Habs are on hand to greet the fans.”Charles A Tisseyre
@CanadiensMTL Cool for the fansMiss Carol Ann B ❤
@CanadiensMTL @CP0031 Awesome way to greet the fans! As always, Carey's hair looks PRICEless!Sean Dicks
Great idea by @CanadiensMTL for the Fans, I hope they've sanitized their hands! #NoColdToStartTheSeasonYougzz
@CanadiensMTL awesome!!!Class act from the team.Wish I was there.Hope there will be more things like this during the season. Fingers crossedStephanie Rossi
@CanadiensMTL Now that is just fantastic!JFM
Only in #Montreal goes a practice game fill up the entire Bell center @CanadiensMTLMelissa Rhodes
Awaiting puck drop for #HABS intrasquad game. Can't wait to see the boys hit the ice! It's been too long. @CanadiensMTL @CP0031 @AGally94Kyle FranCam
We made it!! #freehotdog #CentreBell #canadiensdemontreal @CanadiensMTL Merci !!!élicia Durocher
The @CanadiensMTL have begun their warmup #raisethetorch Rhodes
Good on the @CanadiensMTL to provide a live feed to tonight's inter-squad game. #habsSteve Farnham
May Jesus Price bless you @CanadiensMTL Can't make it to the Bell Centre tonight? Watch our live feed on HabsTV - >
@CanadiensMTL thanks! Great quality feed!CristinaMastromonaco
@CanadiensMTL Amazing!!! Thanks for making this happen!Von Jeppesen
Great energy at the Bell Centre! Almost every seat is filled for this @CanadiensMTL scrimmage! #Habs Novak
I'm watching the @CanadiensMTL play hockey right now. All is good in the universe. #GoHabsGo #RaiseTheTorchMichael Rodino
Plus de 17 000 partisans sont présents au Centre Bell. / Over 17,000 fans in the house tonight. #leverleflambeau #raisethetorchCanadiens Montréal
Thanks for the evening @CanadiensMTL it was nice too look up in the rafters to see what makes this city vibrate. Cashflow
Can't wait!!! RT @CanadiensMTL Merci! À samedi! #leverleflambeau #raisethetorch A.
@jayrass21 The @CanadiensMTL are the classiest sports franchise ever. They have proven it time & time again, but I'm still a little ticked!Randy
@CanadiensMTL Nice!!! See you Saturday night. #gohabsgomaurizio covatta
What a crazy night this was! Thanks to @CanadiensMTL and @GMolsonCHC for this, especially shaking hands and talking with the players! WOW!P-A Riendeau
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