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Spotlight on... Mike Johnson

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Despite the fact that he was never drafted, Mike Johnson will soon play in his 600th NHL game. Get to know more about the Canadiens' no. 20 and get a feel for his deadpan humor.

Food you will never eat/never try? Oysters.  I've tried them but I won't eat them.

Biggest difference between playing in Montreal and Toronto? That's tough to say. Hmm...I guess the biggest difference is obviously the two languages here.

Any similarities between Montreal and Phoenix? Hmm...I've played for both of them, does that count?

What's surprised you the most about Montreal? How warm the weather has been. Now that I say that, it probably won't last much longer.

What was it like playing in Sweden during the lockout? Lonely. I was only there for about five or six weeks but it definitely felt much longer.

Who are some of your famous friends outside of hockey? Daniel Nestor (doubles tennis player) is a buddy of mine. Also, Antonio Daniels, basketball player with the Washington Wizards.

What question do you always seem to get asked? Hmm...probably, "How's Radek Bonk playing?"

Most underrated player in the league? I would say the most underrated player in the league is Ladislav Nagy with the Coyotes.

Player you hate to play against? Peter Forsberg.

Favourite team to play against and why? Toronto. Before I came here, I liked playing against them because it's my hometown so any time I was there, I'd get to go home and see family and friends. Now that I play for Montreal, it makes it that much more fun.

Who's your roommate on the road? [Sergei] Samsonov.

Share a secret from the road. Sammy likes to read books by listening to them on his iPod.

Aside from the Bell Centre, what's the loudest building you've played in? Philly, Wachovia Center.

As a fan, what arena would you most like to watch a game? The old Chicago Stadium.

Are you in touch with any former teammates and if so, who? Todd Warriner. We played together in Toronto, Tampa and Phoenix.

What did you buy with your first NHL paycheque? A car. That was my first major purchase.

What's your biggest pet peeve? I'd have to say uncleanliness or tardiness.

What's the oddest fan encounter you've ever had? Back when I was in Toronto, I got asked to go to a lot of proms and high school dances and that kind of stuff.

How did you choose your jersey number(s)? When I got here, whichever wasn't retired I took the next one. (laughs) I was given my number in Toronto (20), in Tampa I didn't have very many selections (10, 11), and in Phoenix I chose the same number I had in college (12). When I came here, 12 was obviously out of the question so I went back to the first number I had.

Occupation outside of hockey that you've always been interested in? Financial investor.

What's your guilty pleasure? McDonald's. And Chips Ahoy.

What's your favorite part about the holidays? Giving my kids presents and watching them open up their presents and being more interested in the tissues than what's inside the box.

Was there a present that, as a kid, you always asked for but never got?  Hmm...I guess a car.

What's your favorite Christmas song? Jingle Bells is the only one I can think of.

What's your favorite or most memorable "Seinfeld" episode? Wow, what a loaded question! Can I give a top 10? (laughs) Okay, I'm going to go with the episode with Teri Hatcher ("The Implant"), the one with the marathon runner and the alarm clock ("The Hot Tub") and the one with the JFK Jr. golf clubs ("The Bottle Deposit").

What was your rookie initiation? Nothing really, other than the rookie dinner.

How have you initiated rookies?  They may have had to pick up pucks, load or unload the bags on the bus, wait for elevators or food lines. It's just more about being respectful than it is initiations. (laughs)

What is your favorite hockey game that you've played and why? I would say in when I was in Toronto. We beat Pittsburgh in overtime to advance to the Conference Finals.

What's your pre-game ritual? Always having the same meal, same timing of waking, getting dressed, etc. My pre-game meal is the typical pasta or chicken, soup, salad, a couple of iced teas.

What is the first CD or album you bought? First album was Beastie Boys, License to Ill. First CD was Guns 'N' Roses, Use Your Illusion, 1 & set...Christmas.

What's the most embarrassing CD in your collection? I have every Boyz II Men album. (chuckles)

What's your favorite chick flick? When Harry Met Sally or Serendipity.

Who was your first celebrity crush? Madonna

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