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Spotlight on... Michael Ryder

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Michael Ryder has come a long way to make it in the NHL. Ever since he cracked the lineup in 2003-04, the Bonavista, Newfoundland native hasn't looked back. Get to know more about the Canadiens' reigning goal-scoring champ as he tries to hold the title for a second straight year.

As a fan, in which building would you most want to watch a hockey game? Probably here.

Would you rather watch a game from the lower or upper bowl seats? I think I'd like to sit halfway.  I don't like being too close, if I could sit and watch the game.

What building is the toughest to play in and why? I'd have to say Toronto for us.  Since I've been here, at least.  I don't know, it seems like we don't have much luck there.

What's the loudest building (besides the Bell Centre) you've played in? Toronto last Saturday night.  (laughs)

What's surprised you the most about Montreal? How many people speak English. and just how easy it was to go around and do things because of that.

Why No. 73? It was pretty much given to me my first training camp and when I made the team, I just kept it.  I didn't want to change it.

What question do you get asked the most? When we go on the road, the other team's media will usually ask us "How do you like playing in Montreal?"  We also get a lot of questions about playing for the organization with all the history etc.

If you could be a sports journalist for a day, what would you ask? I don't know.  I don't usually like asking questions. (laughs)

Do you like to cook and if so, do you cook? No, I don't like to and I don't.  (laughs)

What do you get teased about the most? Definitely my accent.

What's the first concert you ever went to? Live, back when I was in junior.

Best concert you ever went to? There's actually two.  Pearl Jam, that was pretty good.  That was here, last year.  The other was Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stone Temple Pilots, the two of them together. 

What artist would you really like to see live? (chuckles) There's a lot.  AC/DC for sure.  And The Offspring, probably.

Is there a player you hate to play against?  Hmm.  Not really but, well sometimes I don't like playing against Chara.  A couple of cross-checks I've gotten from him. (laughs)

Share a secret from the road. Maybe it's not such a "secret" but we (roommate Christopher Higgins) watch CSI a lot.  Doesn't matter which one, we watch them all.  (laughs)

Are you still in touch with any former teammates? I still talk to Jim Dowd sometimes.  And Darren Langdon, of course.  (chuckles)

What's your biggest pet peeve? I've got a lot. (laughs) Driving in Quebec is one of them.  I get honked at for no reason like 20 times a day.  Back home, it's so laid back and then you get here and everyone's honking.  It wasn't my pet peeve before but now it's turned into one.

What's the craziest fan encounter you've ever had? I got a note from someone left in my stall during my first year here.  We were in Calgary or Vancouver or somewhere out west and the person said they were my distant cousin and they wanted me to call them after the game or something like that. 

What's your "Must-See TV"? 24.  I don't watch it when it's on, though.  I wait for the DVDs to come out and then watch.

What's something you've always wanted to do but haven't gotten around to yet? I'd really like to go see an NFL football game.  I haven't done that yet.  It usually clashes with our schedule so it's always tough to see a game.

What's your favourite thing to do or place to go when you're at home?  Head to the golf course, probably.

What occupation outside of hockey that have always been interested in? Hmm.  I always said I'd want to be a teacher.  That's what I told everyone when I was younger.  Probably a Phys Ed teacher, elementary school. 

What's your guilty pleasure? Peanut butter cups.  My girlfriend bought some the other day, now I can't stop eating them.  (laughs) She bought the mini ones.  Those are even better.

What would people be surprised to know about you?  I don't know.  Not much surprising about me.

What's your favorite hockey game played? My first game.  It was pretty exciting.  My parents were there, and I think my sister and uncle too, so that made it even more exciting. 

What's your pre-game ritual? I don't really have much of one aside from having a coffee.  On my way to the rink, I usually pick up a Tim Horton's coffee.

What song or artist should be banned from radio airplay?  Hmm.  I don't know what song it was but I heard one the other day that was just a whole lot of screaming.

What's the first CD or album you bought? The Offspring.

What's your favorite chick flick? Dirty Dancing.  It's not that I like it that it's a favorite.  I've just seen it a lot.  (laughs)

Who was your first celebrity crush? Cindy Crawford.

Where would you most like to travel?  Bahamas.

What's your favorite city or country you've visited?  When I went to Sweden during the lockout, that was pretty interesting.

Describe yourself in one or two words. Laid back. 

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