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Small talk with: Josh Gorges

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
Vladimir Guerrero: Josh Gorges' Expos all-time favorite.
MONTREAL -- With the MLB postseason in full swing, we caught up with a Habs player to talk about it. Today's player: Josh Gorges.

We heard through the grapevine that you were an Expos fan, Josh. Is that a fact? Yep that's true, but I wasn't exactly the type of hardcore fan that never missed a game.
Did you play baseball as kid growing up in Kelowna, BC? Yeah, but the results were questionable. I had a decent arm, but I never knew where the ball was going to end up.
Who do you think is the greatest player in Expos history? Considering my age and how I never saw players like Carter, Dawson or Raines play, I'd have to go with Vladimir Guerrero. He was just amazing to watch.
Were you sad to see the Expos leave Montreal? It was pretty brutal. They always had the best young talent, like Pedro Martinez and Jose Vidro and so many more. The team had the top scouting staff in the game. It was just a shame for baseball in Canada to see the Expos head south to the US.
With all the former 'Spos now in the playoffs, like Cliff Floyd with the Rays, Vladdy with the Angels and Orlando Cabrera with the White Sox, who do you hope wins the World Series?
Before the playoffs started, I was really pulling for the Cubs, since they also have two Canadian players in pitchers Ryan Dempster and Rich Harden and haven't won in 100 years! But, so much for that. My other team would be the Angels but they're in hot water as well now. I think I'm in trouble.
How many big league parks have you been to? Four. Safeco Field (Seattle), Jacobs Field (Cleveland), AT&T Park (San Francisco), and Network Associates Coliseum (Oakland).
Did you get to see Barry Bonds in action? Absolutely. A few buddies and I headed out there to catch a game. We sat in seventh row right behind first base. Since Bonds bats lefty, we never saw the ball until it dropped into McCovey Cove.

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