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Skills and Drills with Les Canadiennes: Snap shots

Les Canadiennes star Katia Clement-Heydra demos how to get shots off faster in high percentage areas

by Dan Braverman @CanadiensMTL /

Quick, powerful snap shots can be lethal to goalies, catching them by surprise both with their strength and speedy release. In this episode of Skills and Drills with Les Canadiennes presented by Ford, Katia Clement-Heydra lays out the proper technique and stance for getting off the perfect snapper.

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The snap shot is dangerous because of how quickly you can release it, giving goalies very little time to read and react. It's the ideal shot when you're in tight and need to get your shot off with very little wind up.

Start with the puck to the side, hands out in front, away from your body.

Puck position is very important with this shot. If the puck is too far away, you'll need to reach across your body, limiting your potential power. If the puck is too close, you won't have enough of an angle to snap your blade down properly.

Push hard into the ice with the toe of your blade, then kick the heel down to create a snapping motion. The heel of your blade creates the force and the aim comes from your follow through.

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