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Skills and Drills with Les Canadiennes: One-Timers

Team USA Olympic gold medalist Hilary Knight and Les Canadiennes assistant captain Karell Emard demo one-timers

by Vincent Régis @CanadiensMTL /

The one-timer is a deadly shot, especially on the power play, when a player can get an accurate shot off before the goaltender has a chance to react. As Les Canadiennes stars Hilary Knight and Karell Emard demonstrate in this episode of Skills and Drills with Les Canadiennes presented by Ford, there are a few keys to focus on when it comes to executing a proper one-timer:

Skills and Drills: One-Timers

- It's important for the passer to place the puck between the shooters feet, in the middle of his or her stance. The shooter should be prepared to shift his or her feet to adjust to passes that are either too far in front or too far behind;

- The shooter should begin the wind up as soon as the puck leaves the passer's stick, watching the puck all the way onto his or her stick;

- The shooter should use a wide grip on the stick and keep his or her head and chest up, transferring his or her weight from the back foot to the front;

- The shooter's blade should impact the ice behind the puck to allow for properly flexion of the stick. Do not aim to strike the puck directly with the blade of the stick;

- As with any shot, the accuracy of the one-timer comes from the follow through. Be sure to finish with your stick pointing towards your target.

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