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P.K. Subban

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
Compatibility Quiz - P.K. Subban

Favorite type of food:
First thing in the morning I:
leap out of bed with a smile on my face
Need to hit snooze a few times before I get going
Should be avoided at all costs until I get some coffee
Favorite Vince Vaughn movie:
Old School
Wedding Crashers
When it comes to tattoos:
I prefer to keep my skin ink free
I’ve got one or two that have a lot of meaning
Tattoos rock! I’m always thinking about my next piece
Favorite kind of ice cream:
Based on my personality, I think I would have done well as a:
Roman Gladiator
Norse Viking
Japanese Ninja
Legendary Athlete you’d like to meet:
Muhammad Ali
Michael Jordan
Wayne Gretzky
My best personality trait is probably:
That I have a good sense of humor
That I’m a loyal friend
That I have a strong work ethic
If I were an animal I’d be a:
You’re making spaghetti – your sauce:
Comes from a family recipe
Gets thrown together quickly from what you have kicking around
Comes a jar marked “Ragu”
The best part of my game on the golf course is:
My long game
My short game
Driving the golf cart

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