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On the road with Michael Bournival

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Perhaps the best way to get to know someone is to take a road trip with him. Some conversation, a little music and a long stretch of asphalt can form an enduring bond between travel companions. Settle in and buckle up; we’re hitting the road with Michael Bournival.

Leaving from Montreal, what would be your destination for a road trip?

I’d probably head for Vancouver. Driving across Canada would be really extraordinary. At the same time, you can see all the big Canadian cities.

Where would you stop between Montreal and Vancouver?

I would have to look it up before leaving. I’m sure there are many beautiful cities and sights to see on the way there.

Would who your co-pilot be?

It would probably be Francis Bouillon. We get along really well.

What vehicle would you use?

For such a long trip, I’d take my own car. You’d need a lot of space for luggage, so you don’t want it to be too tight of a fit.

What would the theme song on your road trip?

My car playlist is pretty long, but I’d say country. Not a song in particular though, maybe something from Springsteen. Listening to country makes me happy. It’ll help cheer me up if boredom sets in while driving.

What kind of car games would you play?

For sure something with colors. Or the licence plate game. But it’s tough to go from 000 to 099. I’d be a bit lost.

What kind of restaurant would you stop at?

Since a road trip is like a holiday, there’ll probably be some fast food on the way there. Once at destination, I’d go for a big steak dinner.

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