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Being put to the test in Buffalo

Prospects will sweat it out at the NHL Scouting Combine on Saturday with multiple fitness tests on the horizon

by Matt Cudzinowski @CanadiensMTL /

BUFFALO - A busy Saturday awaits the 104 prospects taking part in the 2018 NHL Scouting Combine with fitness tests aplenty on the menu.

According to the league's official fitness testing summary, NHL hopefuls will begin the final day of the annual event by having both their standing height and wingspan measured.

Height is measured to the nearest 0.25 inch from the highest point on the measuring device, while wingspan is measured to the nearest 0.25 inch from middle finger tip to middle finger tip.

Up next is the standing long jump where players can use an arm swing to help them jump as far as possible. The distance from the jumping line to the heel mark - in the best of three tries - is recorded to the nearest centimeter.

Then, players will be asked to complete three separate types of jumps: vertical jump (with arm swing), no arm jump (no arm swing / hands on hips) and squat jump (squat start / hands on hips). Each jump will include three separate maximum effort vertical jumps following by 10 seconds of rest. The best vertical jump height from each type of jump will be recorded.

At the jump station, a Force Plate system will be used to measure the direction, strength and timing the prospect produces while completing the test.

The bench press will then have the player lift 50% of his body weight utilizing free weights - including the barbell. Players will be asked to perform three repetitions as quickly as possible, pausing briefly in between each repetition. A device will be used to measure the bar's velocity and the player's ability to produce power.

Then, prospects will participate in a pro agility test. It features a 5-10-5 yard shuttle, and serves to evaluate multi-directional speed, agility, reaction time and control. 

That's followed by prospects being asked to complete as many pull ups as possible utilizing the correct technique.

Lastly, the Wingate test will use a spin bike to gauge a prospect's anaerobic fitness level. It essentially measures an athlete's capacity to repeat sprints.

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