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Newark - April 23, 2013

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Like the majority of cities around North America, not to mention the rest of the world, graffiti plays a big part in the look of Newark’s urban landscape. As with most graffiti, certain pieces are nicer than others and can range from simple tags on bus stop benches to intricate murals that cover the entire sides of buildings. While making the commute between the airport and the hotel, we couldn’t help but notice one piece in particular that on first glance appeared to be a shoutout to Habs star-defenseman and fan favorite P.K. Subban – created, we assume, to raise awareness of his candidacy for the cover of NHL14. While five minutes of internet research revealed that the tag “PK”, often found alongside “KID”, is actually an extremely popular tag around the New Jersey area, we still decided after some consideration that this particular tag was, in fact, clearly in place to get folks to go online and vote P.K. Subban for the cover of NHL14 as the graffiti artist who put it up undoubtedly already did himself.

The New Jersey Devils organization turned 30 years old in 2012 and to celebrate, the team unveiled their Championship Plaza. But since a championship plaza just wouldn’t be any good without a statue for fans to enjoy, the Devils installed a 22-foot, 7,000-pound stainless steel statue of a New Jersey Devils hockey player to add some allure to the area. Created by artist Jon Krawczyk, the statue arrived in Newark all the way from Malibu before finally landing in its permanent home in front of the Prudential Center. While the mammoth statue isn’t dedicated to Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, Howie Morenz or Guy Lafleur, we’re still happy to give it props for being huge, shiny and awesome.

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