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Josh Gorges

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
Compatibility Quiz - Josh Gorges

Best Schwarzenegger movie:
Kindergarten Cop
Superpower of choice:
X-Ray vision
Favorite Summer Olympic sport:
Track and Field
What’s your favorite frozen treat?
A popsicle
An ice cream cone
A sundae
Extreme sport you would most like to try?
Bungee jumping
Sky diving
Scuba diving
Favorite amusement park activity:
Roller coasters
Water park
Ideal evening off:
Attending a concert
Going to a movie
Quiet dinner at home
I prefer washing up by :
Taking a shower
Taking a bath
Jumping in a pool or a lake. Summer rules!
The remote control to my TV can usually be found :
In my hand
In the hand of someone else who lives in my house
Hidden under the couch cushions
Which currently popular show do you, “just not get”?
Jersey Shore
The Bachelor
If someone calls me while I’m eating dinner:
I don’t answer
 I answer but say I’ll call them back later
I end up eating my food cold because I can’t help but answer the phone

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