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Habs Notebook - Dec 5, 2008

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
Carbo’s secret weapon: All coaches have a few tricks of the trade they will use to bring out the best in their players and Guy Carbonneau unveiled his on Friday.

“As a coach, you can give a player more ice time or take it away and you can stick him in the pressbox. All that stuff is great, but the best tool a coach can have is a young player who arrives on the scene, does all he can to stick around and forces the rest of the team to outdo him.” 

D’Agostini alert: With their 22-year-old son busy making waves with the Canadiens, the D’Agostinis are headed to Montreal to watch Matt in action for themselves.

“My parents were at the game I played in last season, but they haven’t seen me yet this year. It will be fun to have them here and I’m glad they’re making the trip.”

Calling Dr. Phil: No one in the Habs’ dressing room knows more about the notorious Sean Avery than his former teammate with the Red Wings, Mathieu Dandenault. With the verdict finally coming down on Avery in the form of a six-game suspension being handed to him by the league, Dandenault could only shake his head. 

“The trouble is, here we are in the Canadiens dressing room talking about Sean Avery and that’s exactly what he wants. He lives for that kind of publicity. He wants people to be the NHL’s superpest, he loves it. Is it weird for an NHL player to be mandated a psych evaluation? Sure it is. Am I surprised that’s it Avery? No. He’s not a bad guy or anything, he just craves attention. I hope things work out for him and I wish him luck.”

Dandenault wasn’t the only one with Avery on the brain on Friday morning.

“I just hope this will help fix his problem,” said Georges Laraque, who has had his fair share of run-ins with Avery over the years. “I’m not sure where he will end up. The Rangers figured it out, but then he still got a big contract this summer. And I’m sure if the Stars let him go, some other team will jump on him.”

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