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Get to know… Keith Kinkaid

From his love of country music to his fervent support of the New York Yankees, the 30-year-old goaltender is one cool dude

by Matt Cudzinowski @CanadiensMTL /

MONTREAL - A quick look at Keith Kinkaid's social media accounts - @Blockaid1 on Twitter and @blockaid1 on Instagram - sparked our interest to learn more about the newcomer in between the pipes.

During his visit to the Bell Sports Complex in mid-July, we sat down with the Farmingville, NY native, who signed a one-year contract on Canada Day. 

Here's what we found out…

He'll fit right in with the Canadiens' country vibe.

KEITH KINKAID: Going into college, I never really was a big country guy. Then they started playing it in the locker room all the time at Union College, and it kind of grew on me. In the minors, I played with a lot of guys that loved country, too. Now it's my favorite genre. It's a lot of fun to listen to, whether you're out at a party or even just relaxing during a long car ride. I like Lee Brice, Chris Young and Keith Urban, but "Whiskey Glasses" by Morgan Wallen is probably my favorite song right now.

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He has a plan for life without his favorite restaurant, since Chipotle doesn't have a Montreal location.

KK: I'm going to have to look for a substitute here and start tweeting at them. (Laughs) You can't go wrong with chips and guacamole, a burrito or a salad bowl. It's just quick and easy to get before a flight. A bunch of the guys used to do it with New Jersey, so I picked it up from them. And then on Twitter, I like to have those exchanges about them. I had fun with it.

Tweet from @Blockaid1: They already have my ������🌯@ChipotleTweets

Tweet from @Blockaid1: Thanks @ChipotleTweets for having us tonight ! @tayloracorn 🌯

When it comes to baseball, his heart belongs to the New York Yankees.

KK: In high school, everybody was liking the Yankees. It's weird because my dad is a Mets fan. I grew up when the Yankees were winning, so I guess I jumped on the bandwagon as a kid. I've grown to love the players. The stadium is gorgeous. It does help when they're winning, too. I do like going to Mets games as well, though. I like going to sporting events, basically. My favorite Yankees are Aaron Judge and Luke Voit.

Family means everything to him.

KK: They've always been there. They've always come to games. During the tough times, my mom was always sending me texts. She sends me goodnight texts, and now she's sending them in French. She loves her Bitmojis. (Laughs) They're very chill with everything. My dad loves to talk about hockey. He grew up with hockey. He had season tickets to the Islanders for all of their Stanley Cups. They'll probably come up for the home opener in October just to see it all. Work-wise, my dad is a computer systems analyst at Stony Brook Hospital. I tried doing all that computer stuff in high school, and my brain didn't like it. (Laughs) My mom is a medical assistant at a pediatric office, and my sister just graduated with a master's degree in speech pathology.

His hockey influences include…

KK: Martin Brodeur was obviously at the top of the list. He did whatever it took to stop the puck. He'd use any part of his body or equipment to make acrobatic saves. I always admired how he played the puck, too. I also watched Eric Fichaud because I liked the Islanders growing up. I collected his cards, and there was just something about him that drew me to him. Then there's Jonathan Quick. He's very aggressive and I like to play that way sometimes. Just the style he plays, it's more hectic than stationary on the goal line. I like that aggressive style. I like to attack the puck. That's what I kind of model my game after. I like to meet the puck where it's supposed to be, not just let it hit me.

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