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Fly on the Wall - Dec. 6, 2008

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
MONTREAL – Here’s what the Devils had to say after trapping their way to a 2-1 overtime victory over the Canadiens at the Bell Centre Saturday night. 

This just in, Brent Sutter isn’t always angry

Devils coach Brent Sutter isn’t exactly known for being warm and fuzzy, but after seeing his squad come from behind to beat the Habs, he was a little more smiley than usual.

“It was a big win.  We were down 1-0 in a tough building and from the eighth minute on we played a real solid game. We did a lot of great things and the guys played extremely well. Clemmer (Scott Clemmensen) played great too; nothing fazes him – oh and Jacques [Caron] wanted me to tell you he’s a great goaltender coach (laughs).”

Zach Parise praises everyone else

After netting the winner in OT, Devils star forward Zach Parise was surprised when reporters asked him what it was about the Bell Centre that made him play so well.  He still isn’t sure if we were all talking about the same “Zach Parise”. 

“Really?  I didn’t think that I’ve been great here at all (laughs). I’ve kinda struggled in this building in the past.  It was a good win, Clemmer played really well and made some unbelievable saves but both goalies played solid.  There was definitely great goaltending at both ends of the ice.”

Scott Clemmensen recommends the view from ice level

While perennial starter Martin Brodeur was recovering from surgery back in New Jersey, backup goaltender Scott Clemmensen was loving every minute of his visit to the Bell Centre.  Though it seems he didn’t sign up for an official guided tour of the facility, he definitely wasn’t afraid to stop and check out the scenery.

“Obviously it’s been a long time since any goalie on our team has faced these guys, let alone here in Montreal. I’m not only excited to have played tonight’s game, but this is a special building. I’ve been here before when Marty played but I doubt they’re about to let me get in there when he’s healthy so I wanted to make good on my shot tonight.  It was a very fun experience and one I’ll never forget. I tried to look around there and have fun during the TV timeouts and it was great.”

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