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David Desharnais

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
Compatibility Quiz -  David Desharnais

My favorite action star is
Jason Statham
Bruce Willis
Arnold Schwarzennegger
If you’re going to get a magazine subscription, it would most likely be
A sports magazine
A cooking magazine
A fitness magazine
If you had to buy a motorcycle, you’d get
A huge Harley that makes a ton of noise
A smaller Japanese speed bike
A motocross bike
To keep your food fresh, you usually store it in
Zip lock bags
The crisper in my fridge does the job
What type of camera do you prefer using ?
A professional camera with a choice of lenses
A small compact camera
The camera on my phone usually does the trick
Favorite section to shop in at the supermarket
Fruits and vegetables
The Butchers
Any of the rest of the aisles
If you had to pick one of these karaoke songs to sing it would be:
Barbie Girl
Bohemian Rhapsody
Favorite end of the night activity
Laser Quest
Favorite breakfast food
Eggs and toast
Fruit and yogourt
If I start doing a crossword puzzle I
Usually finish it on my own
Do half and then give up on it
Find the first three answers that I know and then lose interest
In the trunk of your car, you’re most likely to find
Your golf clubs
Your dry cleaning
Emergency first aid kit

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