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Buffalo - February 17, 2012

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Since the Habs are going to be visiting Buffalo a whopping three times over the next four weeks, we figured we’d try something a little different for our first On the Road blog entry and venture over to nearby Niagara Falls. So within an hour of arriving in Buffalo and checking into the hotel, we found ourselves on foot, crossing Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge… right back into Canada.

Some of our younger fans may recall the episode of the Simpsons in which Bart is forced to travel to Australia to receive disciplinary measures for making prank calls – namely, taking a giant Australian boot to the behind. During a trip to the American Embassy, Homer entertains himself by jump back and forth between the line that divides Australian and American soil until a Marine eventually punches him in the face for his shenanigans. As we passed the marker on the Rainbow Bridge officially dividing the U.S. and Canada, one member of the team couldn’t resist leaping back and forth over the sign shouting, “I’m in Canada! I’m in the U.S.! I’m in Canada! I’m in the U.S.!” We felt it only fair to punch him in the face as well. It should be noted that we don’t tolerate that kind of behavior within the Canadiens organization.

With all the lights, sounds and attractions to be seen at “Clifton Hill”, you could almost call it as the Canadian equivalent of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Stress the word could. With a slogan like, “The Street of Fun at the Falls” you expect a good time. Unless like us, you choose to visit the street in question in the middle of February – in which case you might want to make it a point to arrive early. Ninety percent of the street closed at 7 p.m.. Guinness Book of World Records Museum. Closed. Haunted Houses? Closed. Museum of Criminals? Closed. Apparently we’ll need to return when the weather is warmer – or at least the sun is higher in the sky.

Even with a light rain falling and a dense fog seeming to cover the entire town, we figured since we made the trip, it was probably worth our while to try and catch a glimpse of the Falls. We rolled the dice and gave Skylon Tower a go, riding its 160 meter elevator to the top in hopes of looking down at the famed natural attraction. According to the sleepy looking lady that sold us our tickets, visibility at the top was “pretty good”. You be the judge. In hindsight, there was probably a better way we could have spent the $12 per ticket, although we will admit the elevator ride up was decently fun.

Here is the visual feast we were treated to of the Niagara Falls in all their splendour. Enjoy it for yourself, through our eyes.

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