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Brendan Gallagher

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
Compatibility Quiz - Brendan Gallagher

On which reality show would you do the best:
Iron Chef
Fear Factor
Preferred music diva:
Lady Gaga
Favorite (non-hockey) athlete:
Andre Agassi
Michael Jordan
Muhammad Ali
Best trilogy:
The Godfather
Indiana Jones
Star Wars
When you go camping you “rough it” by:
Sleeping in a camping trailer with a down comforter
Sleeping in a tent with a sleeping bag
Sleeping on the ground under a blanket of leaves
Favorite water activity:
Water skiing
Scuba diving
Favorite movie theatre snack:
Buttered popcorn
Bag of candy
Nachos and cheese
Best Stallone movie:
The Expendables 
When you work out at the gym, you check yourself out in the mirror:
As many times as there are reps in your set
A couple of times per workout
Only if someone tells you there’s a poppy seed in your teeth
What was the most ridiculous thing about the 80s?:
The hair
The clothes
The music
In your experience, Nice guys…:
finish last
finish first
don’t really exist

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