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Wednesday Workout Series: Child Exercise Routine

The Bruins' Wednesday Workout series is presented by Beth Israel Lahey Health

by Boston Bruins @NHLBruins / - Here are some of the best at-home exercises for children, courtesy of BFit - Approachable Fitness for Our Community.

Body Weight Squat: Feet shoulder width apart. Keep your chest up and don't bend at the waist. Sit like you are sitting in an invisible chair. You can put your arms out in front of you for balance.

Plank: Balancing on your forearms and toes. Keep the back nice and flat (straight).

Push-ups (from knees and from toes): Hands should be shoulder width apart. Keep your back nice and flat (straight).

Burpees: The squat, push up, and vertical jump are big parts of this movement. Squat down, put hands on the ground. Kick legs straight back behind you, landing on your toes. Then do a push-up, bring your legs back underneath you, and do a vertical jump straight up from the floor.

Curl ups: Lay on the ground with your knees bent. Curl your chest to your knees sliding your hands forward along the floor then go back down to the starting position.

Supermans: Lying flat on your stomach with your arms going over your head (like superman flying). All together raise your arms, legs, and chest off the floor. Pause when they are in the air… now you are flying like superman.  

Split Squat: Split your legs by putting one foot in front of the other. Drop the hips straight down lightly touching the back knee to the ground. Then stand back up (with your feet still staggered) to the starting position.  

Make sure your front knee does not extend past your toe. If you cannot see your front foot you did not step far enough forward. 

Lateral Squat: Spread your legs equally out to each side. Keeping the chest up and weight on your heel, shift your weight to one and sit down like you do in a chair. Then stand back up keeping your legs spread.

High-knees in place: Run in place but bring your knees up nice and high.

Mountain Climbers: Same starting position as the push-up. You will stay nice and straight with back flat. Then raise your knee towards your chest then extend it back out straight. Now do the same movement with the other leg (now you are climbing). Continue this for time and see how many steps you get.

Vertical Jump: Starting position is the same as the squat. But once you sit down you explode up swinging both arms over your head. Try to jump as high as you can.


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