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"It was my fault," said Bish

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Sorry folks, my bad.

I apologize most profusely and profoundly.

Simply said, "Whoops."

You say: "What are you talking about?"

I say: "Last night, I jinxed the Bruins."

You say: "No way."

I say: "Way."

Sorry, New England.


With around 5 minutes to go last night I had the most beautiful game story ready for posting -- you should’ve seen it, it was a masterpiece.

If F. Scott Fitzgerald had written hockey, this was its equivalent.

It had alliteration, rhetorical flourishes, and thematic influences.

It had onomatopoeia, for the love of Mike!

And with the B’s playing so well, so VERY WELL, I was completely confident that my story would accurately represent Our Boys.

You see, since I work for the team, I had previously hesitated in writing my game story before the end of any game.

I am usually very superstitious, after all.

I just thought it was too tempting for the hockey gods -- and let’s face it, I am a Boston sports fan.

But since the team had played so well -- so WONDERFULLY and COMPLETELY WELL for 56 minutes, I thought that I would revert to my objective journalism training, think speed and story, and get the dang tome done before the clock struck zero.

I just wanted my beloved BostonBruins.com to proclaim the victory to the world, ASAP.

So, I had this fact filled alliteratively rhetorical, onomatopoeia filled lead, a glorious story and a fun filled closing paragraph, recapping, in fine fashion, a Bruins win, a Tim Thomas shutout, and the possibility that Boston might return home with the bonus of an above .500 record in the season starting five game roadie.

I had my finger on the "submit" button.

And I never got to press it.

The wheels fell off the Black-and-Gold victory bus -- I had delivered a "whammy" on my own team.

And, until Legace enthusiastically pumped his arm in victory, I had hope.

I thought that if I didn’t write anything else, that if I let the game play out, things would fall where they should for my Boston Bruins.

But I totally and completely blew it.

Sorry to the team.

Sorry to the fans.

This was my bad and it won’t happen again.

Quotes from the road
"We gotta get the pucks to the point, get some pucks on net, get some traffic and kind’ve get it simple again."
Forward, Brad Boyes, before the game

"I think we have to go out there and be confident with ourselves and make something happen on the power play, cash in on the opportunities that we have and don’t give them anything…it’s going to be important to get the puck deep, work their D’s and try to make something happen on the forecheck. Shoot on net, you never know what can happen."
Forward, Patrice Bergeron, previous to facing St. Louis

"Yah, we played about 55-56 minutes of excellent hockey. And a couple of individual errors, turnovers, caused the tie…I thought collectively, as a team, we played really well for 55 minutes. You know, we should have capitalized more on the powerplay, that’s the one disappointing thing we have to get better at, but overall, the 5-on-5 play was actually quite good…we had a lot of scoring chances and didn’t give them a whole lot."
Head Coach, Dave Lewis, after the game

"I went into the game, really wanted to work hard to replace in my mind the Florida game. Get out of that, and get on a roll…I felt pretty good. It took them an awful lot of pressure, and an awful lot of chances, to finally break the seal."
Goalie, Tim Thomas, post game

"I don’t like it. They scrape the ice. I guess it is good for the fans, but when they scrape the ice, I slide all over the place. It’s not like playing in a game at all. So, it’s not like a penalty shot in the middle of the game…if it’s good for the fans though, it’s good for hockey I guess."
Tim Thomas, on the shootout

"A team that is down two goals is going to come hard and you have to be prepared for it. You have to be prepared to do the things that got us to where we were [up 2-0]. Basically, getting the puck out. Making simple plays. They started forcing us. We started tightening up a little bit and we made some poor decisions. And the next thing you know, the puck is in the back of our net and ultimately we lost the game."
Defenseman, Brad Stuart, on the last five minutes of regulation
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