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Two Days Down

by Abigail Seaver / Boston Bruins
Boston, MA – The whirlwind first two days of Bruins Development Camp have made quite an impression on the youngest members of the Black & Gold.

Tuesday started out in low gear with annual physical testing and then went full throttle with the much feared shuttle run and a two-day military style team building mental and physical work out.

And, oh yeah, the campers hit the ice on Wednesday, too.

"It’s not the best feeling,” said defenseman Ryan Button of the testing that each of the campers endured, particularly the shuttle run. “For sure there are 'funner' things to do.

“But you know what? It’s the test they have and it’s something that’s got to be done…and the quicker it’s over the better.

“It really plays with your mind knowing that you have to come in here and do the run test, but as soon as it’s over you can kind of relax and you can just go and have fun and play some hockey."

Relax? Play some hockey? Not quite yet.

Tuesday afternoon, Button's fellow defenseman Tommy Cross also gave his two cents after going through a military modeled teambuilding exercise called “The Program.”

“We’re just learning to trust each other and come together as a group and obviously push ourselves physically as well as mentally for sure,” said Cross while still trying to catch his breath after the first session of the special training session.

“I think mental [toughness] comes into how far you can push yourselves physically – they tie together.”

“It doesn’t seem fun right now but when I look back in a week or two it [will] definitely be something to learn from," he said.

Some players had to take some time to laugh -- at themselves.

“I made a little show out there in the first lap,” said new B’s goaltending prospect Zane Gothberg with a chuckle. “I biffed it.

“It’s alright though. No worries.”

When he was asked his favorite part of the second day of Dev Camp – a day that started with the campers treading water while wearing sweatshirts and ended with mini scrimmages on Ristuccia Arena ice – Zane’s answer was shocking.

“Honestly? Probably how grueling it was today,” said Gothberg of the second session of The Program. “It was rough, but we kind of pulled through as a group.”
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