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Turco Turns the Page

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
SUNRISE, FL -- It's a logical question.

Would the B's continue to utilize a two-man tandem throughout the remainder of the season after the severe false start in its first test?

The answer was yes.

"You just can’t say all of a sudden [Marty Turco] can’t do the job," said Claude Julien after the B's workaday practice in the BankAtlantic Center just hours after the B's suffered an embarrassing 6-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday night.

"Our whole team can be certainly better," continued the B's head coach. "We can certainly help that situation as well.

"Our goaltenders, both of them, know they probably have to be better for us, but so does the rest of the team when you look at the mistakes that are made. So right now, today was one of those days where we’re trying to fix things a bit and bring a little bit more stability to our game and confidence.

"The guys...are just as discouraged as anybody else as far as the results are concerned, but what we’re trying to do right now is to create some determination and turn things around," he said.

The new B's goalie tried to disguise his discouragement with a smile and some humor, but the disappointment with his first Bruins start was also clear.

"Well sometimes you just got to learn to help yourself when things are going a little astray," said Turco, going through a mental checklist. "Had I kept my stick on the first one it would’ve helped tremendously; froze [the puck] quicker on the second one that’s about it.

"A breakaway – it was a pretty good move...But I bit on the second one, didn’t think he’d cut back and should’ve gave him a little poke check.

"Then you get back in there...we played well defensively after that, we didn’t give up much at all but just a bad start, and not a great game overall. For me personally, it was disappointing," he said.

It the result of the game -- the last three games actually -- have left all of the Bruins disappointed. As such, Julien decided that today it was time to get back to basics during the B's hardworking afternoon session.

"Sometimes you have to take a step back," said Julien. "The one thing we have to do is minimize our goals against and we have to do that by being in better position and having the right number of people in the right places so we don’t have as many breakdowns."

Turco thinks he can help with the goals against.

"For me to actually get up this morning and feel good and chipper; it’s part of the game, part of the job," he said. "You Wipe the slate clean and get back to work.

"Sometimes it’s realizing what you need to do better, not dwelling on things you know you can change in an instant. I think the best part about today was our team meeting, you know by the coaches, the video and the things we chatted about – we can change and make better quick - [all] the things we can do to make this club better. And just kind of more about looking forward, not just for me like I tried to do this morning...but as a group too.

"It was a good day all things considered, but if we’re measuring our games now and how we perform when it matters most [both] collectively and as individuals. For me, if it's just practice for now until I get back on the horse, then they’re going to be good practices.

"Today was a good start, considering what happened last night," said Turco.
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