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Trying to get Carolina off my mind

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Boston’s hockey headache is back and this time it has a name: Ray Whitney.

Thank goodness we will, most likely, not see him again this season as the diminutive Carolina Hurricanes forward channeled Maurice "The Rocket" Richard last night and had the Bruins defense shaking their heads.

"(Remember) that afternoon game at 1:00?" asked Tim Thomas. "It was 0-0 through most of the second period and then the last ten minutes of the second, they were all over us."

Déjà vu?

"I don’t know (maybe) we have particular trouble against that team," said the goalie, of Carolina’s offensive whirlwind.

Brad Stuart was equally shocked.

"It’s very frustrating, because those are crucial plays in the game," said Stuart of the coverage during Whitney’s natural hat trick. "They’re seemingly easy decisions.

"Maybe we are trying to do too much, or are too anxious, or whatever. But sometimes patience is the key and we just didn’t have that for those couple of plays."

Whatever the reasons for the breakdown, and they were myriad, the Bruins have no time to waste. Points need to be had -- immediately or the "DNQ" will be the only stat remembered about this season.

"It’s been that way all year," said Thomas of the B’s precarious position at the bottom of the playoff hunt. "We’ve been playing the playoffs since the first 10 games.

"Not (literally) the playoffs, but we put ourselves behind the eight ball early."

Thomas expressed his concerns, succinctly.

"Yes," he said, when asked if it was hard to recover from four quick goals in a row. "You know, usually it can be nipped in the bud after one or two.

"Those plays (from behind the net) don’t happen very often. When it does happen within 30-seconds, it’s kind of odd."

What was the key to their victory?

"They worked hard," said Thomas. "They were working hard the whole time and were able to pick it up a notch."

Disappointment, again, was the key word for the head coach and when asked for reasons for the team’s implosion in the second, he had a pretty good idea of what had happened

"We played four and a half or five minutes (that) cost us the hockey game," said the coach. "(And) we had a chance in the second period to take a two to nothing lead, and with a team like that, you have to seize an opportunity or chance.

"And we didn’t."

"We opened a door for them and they just put us away in a short period of time," he said.
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