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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
I think the ride to someplace is usually better than the ride back to where you started.

Unless it’s going home to see your family and you haven’t seen them in a while. Or going anyplace after finishing a big test. Or going home after school. Or on the bus after a big win. Or coming home from Vegas with more in your pocket than when you left. Or going home after a great first date. Or going home after a great movie. Or going home after Trick or Treating. Or getting home after walking your dog in the rain. Or better yet, if it is someone else’s dog. Or after taking the garbage to the town dump. Or after you pickup a friend at the airport. Or after you drop them off if they’ve stayed too long. Or on the way home from KFC. after you’ve picked up a bucket of extra crispy. Or on the way home from Six Flags and the kids are asleep. Or on the way back to college after your first long weekend home with your family. Or after getting in the car after meeting your boy/girlfriend’s parents for the first time. If you are a bride to be, I would think the ride home after getting your dress would be better than going to pick it up. Or coming home from the hospital after your baby is born. Or the ride home from the D.M.V. after getting your license. Or the ride home in the airconditioned car if the weather at the game was hot and humid. Or after picking out the Christmas tree. Or from the car dealership with your new car. Or back to the golf cart after a great shot. Or when practice is over and the team knew beforehand that it was going to be a hard one.

You know what, I think that the ride home is better than the ride there unless you’re going...
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