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Transcript from Cam Neely, Peter Chiarelli and Claude Julien at Media Day in Chicago

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On how the trade for Tuukka Rask happened...
PETER  CHIARELLI:  I was officially the GM at that time, but I was in the  stands  at  the  draft. So  you'd have to ask the person who was the acting GM at the time.

Question inaudible...
PETER CHIARELLI:  I do have recollection.  Again, from the sidelines, and  after the fact, in talking to the guys, it was like Tlusty or Rask for Raycroft.   There  was  a  lot of discussion at both ends about it.  It was decided that it would be Rask from Boston's end. I  think  they  tried  to come back and maybe flip that, consider the other  guy,  who is a good player in Carolina now.  Eventually they said no and the deal was done. Wish I could tell you more.

On the  winner of this series being the first organization in the salary cap era with two Stanley Cup titles and what that says about each organization...
CAM NEELY:  From my perspective, it says a lot.  It speaks volumes to
the types of players from our organization that Pete put together, the type
of coaching job that Claude has done. It's  really easy to spend to the cap, if the owners allow you.  It's making  sure  you  got the right guys.  I think Pete has done a really good job of making sure we got the right guys with the right character.

On if Jeff Gorton was the GM at the time of the Tuukka Rask trade...
PETER CHIARELLI:  He was the acting GM.

On the job Gorton did acquiring Rask.
PETER  CHIARELLI:  Sure.  Mike O'Connell I think did a terrific job with Jeff, that we've got at least half of our roster, I don't know if it's half, but including Marchand, Lucic, Krejci, Thomas at the time.  I thought they did a real good job.I've  told  Mike that.  Mike was gone, I was the GM, but Jeff was the interim GM.  He executed those trades.

On the team’s desire to slow down Chicago's transition game and how they get that done...
COACH  JULIEN:  Well,  I  don't think it's necessarily about slowing them down and sitting back, trying to take away their ice.  It's more about making  sure  we  close  quickly.   I  think  that's  what  we  did against Pittsburgh, we tried to close quickly.At  the  same  time, closing quickly is one thing, but having numbers back, we know they've got a great transition game.  We certainly have to be aware of that.

On what Coach Julien has learned  over  the years about managing Zdeno Chara’s ice time...
COACH JULIEN:  I learned that you can't slow him down.  He's in great shape.  The more you give him, the more he likes it.  He takes good care of himself between games and recovers extremely well. When  you're  that  size,  that  well-conditioned,  that strong, it's really  hard to slow him down.  He's been a real horse for us, continues to be no matter what his age is.

On what Coach Julien sees when he watches Corey Crawford on tape...
COACH JULIEN:  Again, I don't think I'm going to start dissecting the opposing goaltender.  He's played well in these playoffs.  He's a big body. He's had a great year.  We recognize that.

On if Coach Julien has  any memories of Joel Quenneville when they played on the same team in Windsor...
COACH JULIEN:  Not really.  Like I said, I came in afterwards. But  I  heard a lot about him. He was obviously the captain there at the  time,  was a great player, local guy.  He was viewed as a hero in that town. I  followed him the year after he left, halfway through the following year. I got  to  know him a little bit throughout the years, but that is quite a few years ago.  I think we were much younger then.

On what the fan send-off was like this afternoon...
CAM  NEELY:  Our fans have been great.  Original Six city.  They have certain  expectations  of their hockey clubs.  We didn't provide that for a number  of  years.   Last five or six years, we slowly built a championship team.  Our fans certainly are ingrained and have deep roots in the Bruins, whether it's grandfather to father, father to son or daughter. We had  a couple thousand people show up today to send us off, which was special for the guys.

On the range of emotions and an honest reflection of being down 4-1 in Game 7 against Toronto, what he thought at that moment and what he thinks now of being in the Final...
PETER  CHIARELLI:  Hopefully Claude was trying to think about winning the game when we were down. We  were up in the box.  Three-goal deficit with half the period left is  a  tough  one.   I'd  be  lying  if  I  said I thought we were going to definitely  come  back.   Once  we  scored the second, there was a definite surge.   You  could  see  the  momentum turning.  You're still kind of sad. Then you could see us starting to roll, thought we had a chance. I've  never really seen anything like that, two empty-net goals.  But you  could  feel it in the building - at least I could.  You could feel the momentum and the surge.
COACH  JULIEN: From  my  end  as  the coach, when we went down 4-1, there's no doubt you start looking at the clock, running out of time. The  only  thing we talked about was to see if we could get that next goal, get the momentum back, looked at that small picture. Peter is absolutely right, you saw our bench ignite.  All of a sudden everybody  was  pumped up about getting the next one, pushing each other to go after these guys. There's  no  doubt  when you score those two goals, it makes a pretty big  difference in your team's overlook on moving forward.  We came in that dressing  room  and  we looked at each other and there was no doubt we were going to win that game. There was a sense in that dressing room that you don't come back from a three-goal deficit and finish it off right.  That had a big impact in how we've played since then.
CAM  NEELY:  I went from today's texting world to the feeling of OMG. Then  when  we  won  in  overtime, the same feeling.  You're peeking at the clock. It feels like it's going down faster than you'd like.  But, again, go  back  to  my point earlier about the character of the guys, they didn't quit, they didn't give up.

On how Zdeno Chara has elevated his game in the postseason...
COACH  JULIEN:  I think our whole team has elevated their game.  Even when  he  didn't get the mention in those top three, I said it before, he's always  been a Norris Trophy winner for us.  You have no idea what this guy does for a hockey club. The  few times he's been out of our lineup, you've seen a difference. That's the impact that he has on our hockey club. Again,  I  think  we've  had  an  up-and-down  second half of a short season.  I'm  sure  that  played a role in maybe looking at others for the Norris  Trophy.   But,  again, I don't think it's changed our views on him. He's  been  an MVP for us since the day he stepped into that dressing room, and continues to be.

On if there is a feeling that this team is better prepared coming into the finals than in 2011..
COACH JULIEN:  Well, I think you got a different approach.  For a lot of those guys, except maybe I think there were two, maybe three, that had a Stanley Cup in our dressing room, the rest of our guys were experiencing it for the first time. It's  a much different situation now.  We've been through it.  You've got  to  hope  that it's going to help as far as the focus, knowing what it
takes,  maybe  not being as nervous.  All the things that come with it such as a day like today, they've been through it. Certainly  we'll  walk  through  these  situations  a  lot calmer and hopefully more focused.

On what it is about seeing a season flash in front of your eyes and being able to survive it
that seems to propel teams to a whole new level, and maybe harden the team...
PETER  CHIARELLI:   I think what we tend to do is look at the moment, and  destiny  gets  determined  by  the moment.  When you look at the whole seven-game  series,  you have to look at the totality of it.  You'd like to think, on balance, we deserve to come out ahead. With  seven  games,  this  is a game of margins, a seven-game series, there's a lot of decisions that are made.  Cam spoke about the character of our players.  I spoke about our coaching decisions, how he coaches. At  the  end  of  the  day  when  you  have  the right players making decisions,  the  players executing with character, you're going to come out ahead and it's going to propel you. We've been through a lot of Game 7s in the last five years.

On if the long layoff since the last time the Bruins played the Blackhawks affects the way the team prepares for them...
COACH JULIEN:  I don't think so.  It's the same for both teams, obviously. I think we got a pretty good idea how each other plays.

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