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Training Camp is Underway

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
Boston, MA -- Boston Bruins blueliner Johnny Boychuk is happy to be back in Boston.

No, it's not exactly a news flash, but the B's defenseman is truly leading the homecoming committee in the Bruins locker room.

Yesterday, the perpetually pumped-up D-man was grinning ear-to-ear as he sat in his stall to meet the press.

"It was a good day," said Boychuk. "I think everybody did really well in fitness testing.

"Everybody’s ready to go and I think it shows that everybody worked hard his summer.

"You never know: you might look at a guy and he might look in shape, but until he does his testing, that’s when you really figure it out."

It was remarked that the day reminded me of the first day of school.

"This is a way better feeling -- this is fun," said John in mock seriousness. "Not that school’s not fun.  

"It just good seeing everybody here and everybody ready to go."

Boychuk said that last season ended too early, and implied that he never really got into the summertime flow.

"It’s kind of tough when your head should still be in playoff mode when you’re out, so you never forget about it," he said. "But you can learn from it, and I think that’s what we’re going to do."

Boychuk said that he was truly enjoying his time back in Boston.

"Absolutely. It’s fun being around these guys, and it’s good to see everybody," he said. "Everybody’s friends here.

"It’s a good environment to be in, and we are all going to work hard."

"Everybody supports each other [and] If somebody isn’t doing their load, somebody will tell them, and they’ll get the hint," he said.

On Saturday, Boychuk said his first practice and the team's first practice of the season went very well.  

"Yeah, you know it was good flow," he said. "Passes were on the tape, which is nice to see the first practice.

"Usually, a lot of guys were nervous. It didn’t seem like there was al ot of nervousness.

"Overall, I think the practice went great, and there was a good pace to it," he said.

Boychuk said that he hadn't known that the fans were going to be out in force to watch the club go through it's initial paces.

"All of a sudden you step out and there are claps," said Boychuk. "It’s kind of nice."

Johnny said he didn't even mind having to get up early for tomorrow's photo and video session.

"Yeah, I’ll probably do my hair -- maybe.  We’ll see what I wake up with," he said, of course, with a laugh.
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