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Tim Saved the Day

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Boy, it took the better part of the wee hours for my head to calm down after last night’s game.

I even watched it again to get the full effect (thank you to NESN’s Bruins in Two).

I just can’t get over Tim Thomas’ performance in the third period. I mean, you can’t underestimate his importance to this club right now.

That stop, "The Save" -- if you will, in front of a yawning net, was just sublime.

I’ve made this comparison before, but have any of you seen the old black and white tapes of Johnny Bower (Maple Leafs legend) playing goal?

Mr. Bower, whose NHL career started when he was in his 30’s, used whatever he could to stop the puck, and was especially fond of the poke check.

My favorite tape had Johnny stop a puck with his bare face, get up and make yet another save.

Those were brutal times.

But Tim and John have many of the same moves, and often throw everything at the puck to make a stop.

I mean, last night Tim tried -- TRIED -- to stop a puck with his head. With his head!

And no Jack Edwards, I didn’t believe what I saw, either.

Here’s hoping that Thomas’ performance this season is noticed around the time the Eastern Conference All-Star team is filled out after the fan balloting.

Speaking of which, have you voted for Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron yet?

Time is running short, my friends!

Now, staying on the goaltending bender, wouldn’t it be great if Hannu Toivonen had the game of his life tonight?

With a victory, and depending how the rest of the scoreboard falls tonight, the B’s could be alone in sixth, inching ever closer to fifth in the playoff standings.

Obviously, Toivo is much more of a classically trained butterfly goalie than Timmy -- but he adds another dimension to that training.

No matter what you see at practice, the most spectacular moments of every session are seeing Hannu warm up into his gymnastic moves -- the man must not have any bones in his body.

Then, Toivonen routinely flashes the glove or splits into save that have no business being made.

That being said, the Bruins are in good hands with Hannu in goal this evening.

Ok, off to Groton to see my friend Steve in a youth league championship game. Go Needham!

More later…
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