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Tim and Brad -- puck stoppers

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
At the risk of over doing the TT praise…Aw heck, Skip that. Praising away.

Bruins goalie Tim Thomas was downright huge last night and despite what he proclaimed after the game, namely that he has had better games this season, I don’t think any game was more spectacular than last night.

Thomas was an all-star versus the Cancucks, and, on a night where the Bruins were admittedly not at their best in the last 2/3 of the game, he absolutely robbed Vancouver.

Wherever their forwards ended up, Thomas was there.

Whenever he needed to cover up a mistake, he was there.

’Nuff said.

Brad eats pucks for a living
As NESN commented last evening, Brad Stuart is an animal.

After seeing the replay last night, (the one that showed Stuart’s face imitating a Pollock painting after blocking a shot with his face) the uninitiated would have said that the man would be gone for a week.

Um. No.

All of the Boston media knew that he would be back.

It is just what he does, game in and game out.

Even after NESN’s Rob Simpson said that the prognosis was unknown, there Stuart was, like a force of nature.

"Brad Stuart has just returned to the bench," said Dale Arnold, knowingly.

And after the game, he looked just fine -- except for the bloody mess that was his top lip.

Humble as always, he just keeps on chugging.

"Stuwie blocked some great shots for us," said assistant captain Patrice Bergeron. "He blocked one with his face!"

And the blocked shots stat was huge last night -- 15 BS for the Bruins, including three apiece for Stuart, Jason York and Paul Mara.

"That shows how dedicated the guys are to win," added Bergeron.

"It’s something, over the last 20 games, that we’ve been trying to address," said York. "We want to help Timmy out and if we get a chance to get down and block one you try and do it."

For his part, Stuart never takes any credit, and prefers to laud his teammates.

"We’re a hard-working team," he said. "We have to play a game where we are physical and do the little things, like blocking shots."

Little things like stopping a puck with your lip and returning to the ice.


"You just try to make the smart plays," said Stuart. "And try to keep them to the outside."

"Smart" plays like stopping pucks with your face?

Ahhhh, hockey.

Ok, off to practice. More later.
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