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Thornton 'Fine' After 40 Stitches

by Hannah Becker / Boston Bruins
BOSTON – In the second period of last night's Bruins vs. Blackhawks game, B's forward Shawn Thornton fell to the ice, immediately got up, and made his way over to Boston's bench--dripping blood across the ice as he skated.

While the B's enforcer is no stranger to a little blood, the 40-some-odd stitches sewn through his forehead after he was sliced with a skate, weren't exactly warmly welcomed by Thornton's face.

"I know I don't look fine, but thanks for reminding me," Thornton said with a laugh.

"I am fine. I guess I was lucky. It could have been worse. It could have been an eye. No headache, no concussion, no nothing. It was just throbbing a little bit from getting some stitches but nothing bad," he said.

Just after Thornton had an opportune scoring chance in the Chicago zone, he fell on the ice and sliced his head on a Chicago player's skate on the way down.

Thornton said the injury was "accidental."

"It was something that happens when the game is moving so fast," he explained. "If I had scored the goal right before that none of this would have happened.

"We would have been lining up at center," he said.

As Thornton made his way off the ice to have his forehead tended to, he was on the receiving end of some words coming from the Blackhawks' bench.

Thornton addressed what was shouted in his direction after the game.

"Yeah something was said. Obviously I can't swear when I talk to you guys. There was some stuff said that I am not happy about. I am going to find out who it was and I will deal with it in my own way," he said.

"Those guys on their team chirp a lot," added Thornton. "I don't know if it is right when someone's face is half across the other side of their face.

"But it is a tough game and people have to live with their actions."

While being sliced with a skate always presents a scary moment, Thornton said he's lucky the cut wasn't worse.

"I kind of slowed down. I was fortunate to see it coming after I fell. It is easy to say now, but I knew it was a bad cut. I didn't see how bad it was, they wouldn't let me go look at it," he said after the game.

"I knew nothing else was hit other than my forehead. It had happened to me before and it doesn't really hurt when it happens like that it just feels like you got banged in the head.

"I know how lucky I am. It could have been a little lower and I could have been in a lot of trouble."
While it wasn't a little lower, Thornton still isn't sure if he'll miss any game time due to the cut and the resulting stitches.

"I will see what the doctors say. I am probably going to have to [be] out of the first little bit, until this heals properly then once I get the okay I'll come back."
"I don't think so," Thornton said when asked if he was going to miss any game action. "But the doctors will look over it the next couple of days and make sure everything is where it needs to be.

"The good news is, I don't know what's going to happen, but we are in good position and if need be we have some extra bodies around anyways."
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