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The World of Shipping

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
I think in the world of shipping, Fed-Ex & UPS are the big boys. Throughout history these are the great companies that get it done. I am sure if they measured championships, Fed-Ex & UPS would be like the Dallas Cowboys & the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL. By this, I mean that they are traditionally thought of as the best, as winners. The histories of these franchises aren’t thought of as mediocre.

By comparison, the Patriots are more likely to be thought of in terms of an average history, as the last 5 years should be considered recent. Obviously, over the last 5 years, the Pats are the model! They get it done no matter the weather or if the starters are injured. The last 5 years the Pats are the best! No ifs, ands, or buts about it. They truly are the model for success!

This brings me back to shipping. The old standard could be in for a shock! Fed-Ex & UPS should keep there heads up! The young kid with an attitude wants to be the best. Fed-Ex & UPS should be on the lookout for the yellow and red trucks. You heard me, yellow & red! Yellow and red is hot! I am talking about DHL! DHL could be on the start to a glorious 5 year run. Watch out Boston. Get your shirts now & jump on the ever growing band wagon. I can hear the chants now. Gimme a "D," gimmie an "H," gimmie an "L," what’s that spell? D-H-L!!!!!!!!

Now feel free to ship among yourselves!!
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