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The trade deadline

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
I am sure that like me you are watching or listening, with bated breath, to whatever coverage of the NHL Trade Deadline that you can manage at your desk or couch.

As one of the Boston hockey writers mused last night, today is becoming a little bit of a national holiday in Canada, and while it doesn’t have as much cache below the border, it is a pretty big deal here in Bruins Nation, as well.

That being said, I hope that if Boston does anything beyond sending Krejci to Providence, player movement wise, over the next few hours that I will be a useful resource to you…

As far as the trade deadline goes, the consensus is that the players, while not being distracted, do have it in mind as they go about their business today.

After the skate on Monday, the press caught up with Glen Murray and asked him about the "big" day.

"It’s part of the season," said the assistant captain. "If you ask anyone around the room…it comes every year.

"It’s part of the game, it’s part of what’s going on. Obviously, I think that every team tries to add something.

"It’s tough, but (eight) points out, we’re in a battle," he said. "We are in the mix of things and we have to…win games."

Asked if he planned to be here after the deadline, Glen seemed a little shocked at the notion that he might be going somewhere.

"Yah. Yes!" he said. "I have a couple of more years left and I want to be here."

Head Coach Dave Lewis, who has been traded at the deadline, talked about whether the deadline weighs on a player’s mind and whether the Bruins may make any moves.

"You’d have to talk to Peter (Chiarelli), but until the trade deadline’s over, there is always that option," said Lewis.

Although he did have one request for the GM as to a late season pick up.

"Young Bobby Orr," he said, adding "we’re pretty happy with the team right now."

Barring the second coming of Orr, players understand that movement is the nature of the business but that the Bruins are not focused on the deadline.

"I think in their mind, that they think that what has transpired here…that’s it," explained Lewis. "That’s the feeling I get.

"I guess as a player, subconsciously, you are always thinking ’Am I going to get that call’ either after the game or late at night or in the morning.

"I think that is on everybody’s mind," he said.

Lewis was asked about his experience being traded.

"I got the call at one o’clock in the morning," said Dave. "I thought the trade deadline was midnight, but (Bill Torrey) didn’t call me until one -- after Johnny Carson."

"And the next day I was off to Los Angeles."

"I was up all night with my wife, who was three months pregnant…I’ll never forget it," he said.

And if any Bruins leave the den today, neither will they.
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