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The Sens & The Sox

by Aaron Ward / Boston Bruins
We are finally at the point when we are going to open in front of our fans and that is much anticipated in our locker room.

As a team, we are really looking forward to playing in front of someone who cares about us.

I’m tired of listening to other team’s chants and listening to everyone else’s grand opening and anniversary ceremonies. I am so sick of sitting around on their bluelines listening to how great their organization is and I can't wait to see a lot of Black & Gold in the stands at The Garden.

But…it’s important going into Ottawa to remember that we have a game ahead of us against a team in our division and we really can’t get caught looking ahead to Monday.

We’ll know how productive this road stretch has been once we get home from Ottawa.

Since I’ve been here, a year and a little bit, we’ve notoriously played well against the Senators. We seem to come with a pretty focused effort against them. It’s one of those inexplicable things -- against some teams in some cities, your team plays well. In other cities and against other teams, you just seem to have trouble.

Over the last two seasons our group seems to play well in Ottawa.

Hopefully that continues and, with a bit of luck, we can also get the young guys into a situation where they feel the same, feeling comfortable, and looking forward to playing Ottawa, too.

On another note, I want to “thank” the Red Sox for allowing me only five hours of sleep on Thursday night. My kids, of course, were up at six in the morning on Friday, and I didn’t calm down after watching that game until 1 a.m.

I felt the magic.

I was sitting on my bed trying to pack for a one-day road trip and it took me over an hour and a half because I was unwilling to separate myself from the TV. That comeback was exciting to watch.

I wish the Sox luck, and hopefully they can take two consecutive in Tampa.

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