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The Andrew Alberts Report: Training Camp Edition

by Andrew Alberts / Boston Bruins
Your special correspondent: Albe
And we're off!!!

Hello Bruins fans.  Hockey is officially back in Boston. 

As you know camp started here on Friday, only I wasn't able to attend because i had a bad 4-day run in with the dreaded "flue like symptoms."  It wasn't pleasant (achy, headache), but I'm over it and ready to get back to playing hockey.

The first few days here at camp have been very intense.

The coaches have stressed to us players that everything we do will be done hard, done right and done with intensity.  The practices have been upbeat with some good battle-type drills and lots of skating. We are also learning a different D-zone coverage, which we have been going over everyday, thus far.

You might have guessed this, but the first few days of NHL Training Camp are always pretty tough. There is a lot to learn and there's a lot of work that needs to get done before we get into some preseason games here -- although Team A won 3-1, last night.

I think I am scheduled to go in Manchester on Thursday.

Movie Review
A some of you may know, I love movies, and Bish has asked me to write up some movie reviews from time to time. So here goes.

Today, we are talking about "3:10 to Yuma."

If you like westerns with some good gun battles, and a couple of bad tempered gunslingers, it might be worth the $8 dollars to go see this flick.

Christian Bale (from Batman Begins) volunteers to help escort one of the most feared and ruthless men in The West (Russell Crowe, Gladiator) to catch a prison train to Yuma.

The only problem is, they are being followed by Crowe's gang of outlaws and, obviously, there's a little more too it, but I don't want to give anything away. I will say that I enjoyed it and would give it…

3 1/2 stars out of 4.


One last thing....
I want to thanks all the fans that came out to the Garden on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope you had a good time watching and a good time at the Fan Fest on Saturday afternoon.

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