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The Andrew Alberts Report: Rehab & More

by Andrew Alberts / Boston Bruins
Hello B's Fans! I hope you all enjoyed the Oscars a few weeks ago.  Not quite sure what my overall stats were on picks, but I think I did all right. AA

Back to B's news....
As you know, Bergy (Patrice Bergeron) and Manny (Manny Fernandez) and I have been on the ice and in the weight room working out together with Coach Whitesides. Whitey is pushing us hard to try and get back into practice and in games ASAP!

So what does a typical day look like?

The three of us usually show up an hour before everyone else, change into our workout gear and get any treatments done before workouts that are necessary for that day.  We tend to skate before the teams on most days, which works out best for us so we get to use a clean sheet of ice for drills and conditioning.  If the team has practice at 11 a.m., we will hit the ice no later than 10:15 a.m. to make sure we get off in time for them to flood the ice again, before the team hits the rink for thr main practice.

On-ice, our drills consist of short sprints, "quick feet" drills, passing drills, skating conditioning drills, moving and shooting drills for Manny, Bergy and I, as well as stationary shooting drills for Manny.  Things have been progressing well for all three of us and it's been a great help to have a couple guys with you doing the drills so you can push each other and keep working harder. 

After on-ice workouts, we get changed and head to the weight room for strength training and cardio work. Depending on the day, it could be a shoulder, chest, back or leg workout or a combo of both. These lifts typically take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. When we are done with the lift, we typically have a 20-minute cardio workout on a stationary bike or elliptical machine. And sometimes we mix in sets on the slide board, as well.

After the off-ice workouts, we stretch. If any more treatments or ice are necessary, we make sure to take care of ourselves then.

The three of us have been working out very hard for the last month and really taking the necessary steps to get back, so hopefully you see us back with the team soon.

On to the Movies!
I saw a couple, just recently, that I'll fill you in on.

Starring: Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Bell
Directed By: Doug Liman
Released By: Fox
Theatrical Release Date: 02/14/2008
Run Time: 90 min.
Genre: Action and Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama
Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: Real simple here folks, a genetic anomaly allows for very few people to teleport themselves wherever they desire. Hayden Christianson discovers this gift at a young age and uses his talent to disappear from his family. He soon finds out that there has been an ongoing war, fought for thousands of years, between Jumpers and those that have sworn to rid the universe of them. And, of course, Christensen tries to fight those that stand up against him in order to gain his freedom.

I give it half a star out of five. Not so good.

Why? The movie has a great idea and cool special effects, but it was pretty cheesy and a big waste of time and money. 

I say save your money for 10,000 B.C. which came out Friday. That looks pretty good!

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Donald Sutherland, Alexis Dziena
Directed By: Andy Tennant
Released By: Warner Bros.
Theatrical Release Date: 02/08/2008
Run Time: 95 min.
Genre: Action and Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: It's a romantic comedy about a recently divorced couple, McConaughey and Hudson, who used to do a bit of treasure hunting together. By chance, their paths cross again and McConaughey has his sights set on one of the largest undiscovered treasures in the Caribbean, but he needs Hudson's brains and cash for support.

Through their struggles to find the treasure and not get killed by other hunters, they try to find a way to rekindle their love for each other.

I give it two out of five stars.

Why? It's not a bad flick, but not as funny as the previews made it out to be.

And a Minnesota Note…
Just wanted to say congrats to my old high school coach Ken Pauly and his team on a terrific year.  They just recently lost in the State Semi's to Edina, but the team regrouped and was able to win the consolation game to claim 3rd place in the state.

That's all I got for ya this time. I gotta get to practice!
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