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Talking Penguins

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Just like the Buffalo Sabres, the Pittsburgh Penguins come as advertised.

"They have a lot of weapons, for sure," said forward Jeff Hoggan. "They have firepower and can explode at any time.

"Obviously everyone is aware of Crosby, Malkin and their goaltending (with Marc-Andre Fleury) is solid as well.

"We’ve been playing better hockey here, and we have to stick to that, and use our systems to play strong defensively," he said.

Hoggan believes that if the Bruins can up their physical play, they can be successful against the "flying" Penguins.

"We have to put the body to these guys," said Hoggan. "I don’t think any skill player really likes to get hit.

"We have to get on them and finish our checks."

Talking about physical play, the Bruins contingent in the press box thought that Mark Mowers almost dropped his mitts during a little shoving match with some Sabres last night in Buffalo.

"Every game you feel you should stick up for you linemates," said Mowers, who thought that a Buffalo player or two had been a little too physical with Hoggan. "It seemed like there were a couple of guys who were collaborating…on one of our guys.

"It’s not like I’m (looking) throw the gloves down and start a fight or anything, but I had to get in there and make it even on both sides."

What does Hoggan think of Mower’s pugilistic abilities?

"Mo?" he asked me in mock suprise when I asked whether he thought Mowers would drop them, but he relented and added that he and his linemates know their role.

"We’ll anytime you can get into a scrap to get a little push-and-shove in there, that’s our (line’s) job -- to stir things up."

I said to Hoagie that I was a little worried about Mowers when the shoving started.

"I wasn’t," said Hoggan with a laugh.

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