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Tales of the Road

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins - The Bruins hit the road for a long road trip on Saturday where they will be playing four games in seven days, with the first of the four-game road trip being night two of yet another back-to-back. Some players discussed their travel routines this week in preparation for a trip that will take them to Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal.

Rich Peverley said that he could never travel without his cellphone but has admitted to forgetting small items like a toothbrush- nothing too important though. “Sometimes guys forget passports which makes them go on a mad rush to get on the plane, but that’s it,” Peverley said as he unstrapped his shin pads after practice at Ristuccia Arena.

Unfortunately, Gregory Campbell has left something important behind. “I learned a couple of times in Junior, I forgot my passport and I had to stay back and since that day I haven’t, knock on wood, forgot my passport,” said Campbell while smirking as he sat in front of his stall at Ristuccia.

When the B’s get to the plane, they enjoy numerous activities. For David Krejci it’s watching TV shows and playing games on his iPad. “Me personally, I either watch some TV shows but most of the time just listen to some music and play little games, like little stupid games on [my] iPad like Angry Birds.

“My favorite TV show is, you know, it always changes. I’ve seen like the whole Entourage [series], it was a few years ago but for some reason I just started it again this year, because I haven’t seen it in a long time it’s such a great show.

“Even like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, it just grew on me, you know. I used to like Modern Family, but [it’s] kind of slipping away now so just whatever’s hot on TV."

Krejci also described some of the things that his teammates like to partake in on the plane.

“A few guys play cards, Schnarrps but we have very nice planes so we all have our own like double seat and everybody’s got something to watch, watching a movie or listening to music that’s about it.”

On a typical road trip Peverley is one of those playing cards on the plane, “There’s five [of us] with a rotating sixth now, so it’s fun. We’ve been playing for two or three years now and it’s always the same guys, it’s a lot of fun,” said the forward, who is part of ‘The Six’. They play a game similar to Euchre but without partners.

Peverley wouldn’t say who typically wins the most games but didn’t hesitate to say who doesn’t.

“Tuukka never wins,” he said with a smile.

Aaron Johnson, in his first season with the Bruins, says that he enjoys reading and watching the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ TV series.

Johnson said any kind of book he can get his hands on is good enough for him.

“Everything, everything from biography to fiction. It kind of rotates, so pretty much anything that’s a good read.”

While on the road, all members of the Bruins are wear suits to maintain a professional look. Campbell knew just how many suits he typically brings along.

“If it’s a two game road trip, I’ll just bring one suit, two or three different shirts. If it’s a long road trip, three would ever be the max but two would be a longer road trip, I would say,” said Soupy.

“On a road trip where it’s two games, probably just one suit and two extra shirts,” added Johnson with a smile, “and then on a long road trip like the one we’re going on to, definitely two suits just in case anything happens to that first one.”

“Probably just one,” said Johnson, about the number of shoes he would bring on the trip “a lot of my suits I can wear black shoes with so I usually just keep the one pair.”

Lucic never can forget because of the preparedness and structure that his dad has instilled in him.

“Well, we play in a division with three Canadian teams so I always have my passport on me, just in case. You never know right?,” he said.

“I think it had a lot to do with the way that I had been raised. My dad believes in discipline and being organized, he was a part of the army back in the old country, so he got taught well with the discipline, making sure you have everything and being on time and that’s how we were raised. Not to the extreme, but when we went to hockey he made us pack our own bags, we had to make sure we had all our stuff in the bags,” Lucic said.

“I learned at a young age, thank God, to not be forgetful.”

It’s a good thing Looch makes sure his phone is always with him on road trips since he spends most of the plane ride playing games on it, “I have bejeweled, which is a fun game that I like to play, Temple Run, I beat the first one now there’s a second one, and just listen to music,” Lucic said with a laugh.

As a result his phone charger is at the top of his list of things to pack.

“But also, [I bring] just the essentials: toiletry kit, phone and obviously phone charger’s the big one. I mean, a lot of guys here say a phone charger is up there, I’d say top three things that you’ve got to remember before you leave on the road.”

Some try their best not to leave things behind. For Johnson, his number one item is his iPad.

“My iPad, it’s everything. It’s a computer, it’s a book and it’s a TV all in one.”

Unlike Lucic, Johnson has left a few things behind and seemed to believe that it was typical.

“I’ve left numerous phone chargers, pretty standard. I did leave my wallet once but we managed to get that. I’m sure I’ve left a lot of things that I don’t even know about. It’s fairly standard.”

“One time [it] happened to me this year that I left my iPad, I think it was in Buffalo at the hotel, but you just call there and they send it right back. I had it the next day so it’s fine,” said Lucic’s line-mate, Krejci. “You don’t really forget because this is really important because then you’re really bored on the plane so you double check.”

During any down time that does arise during the road trip the guys enjoy shopping. “We go to the mall and shop. That’s basically it,” said Lucic, “but I do have family in a lot of different cities obviously it’s a chance for me to get to see them.”

The Bruins leave for their road trip with an 18-4-3 record in their division and second in points with 39 right behind Montreal who has 40. Luckily for the Bruins on the road they are currently maintaining a 9-2-2 record.

---Alysa Southall

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