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Sweet Home Massachusetts!

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Bruins & Fans, in a State of Love and Trust

I think you’ll agree, that the running theme on our modest web blog this year can be summed up in just a couple of words.

Hope and Anticipation.

And fittingly enough, in terms of the team’s play last night, did you know what the Finnish word for hope and anticipation is?


Yes, it might be a cheesy segue, however, there’s no doubt about the notion I am trying to disseminate to the web.

Toivo, Boysie, Muzz and the rest of Our Boys really did give us all a nice taste of good feelings last night as they played a solid, entertaining, puck protection game to defeat the Calgary Flames 3-2 and, in the effort, remind us that our early season hope and anticipation was not in vain.

But beyond the fine win in the Bruins first home game, and the large helping of hope and hype that the Bruins dished out to the anticipatory TD Banknorth Garden crowd on Thursday, last night a different type of anticipation was dissuaded and a large dose of hope was dished out somewhere very important to all of us.

That would be the Boston locker room.

In my gut I believe each Bruins player, to a man, was just a little bit concerned about how they might be received after the season beginning roadie that saw them return to Massachusetts with a 1-3-1 record.

And who could blame them for worrying?

They themselves certainly couldn’t fault people for getting a little down about the start and in many ways, they might agree. After a fine preseason and a highly optimistic training camp, Boston figured to jump into the season with both skates. And while there have been positives, the first five games were not what was expected from this new, young, enthusiastic, and hard working group.

And the start was surely not what the Bruins, from Peter Chiarelli on down, expected from themselves to start the campaign. But obviously, the Bruins are pros, and they did not say it specifically or even verbalize it amongst themselves.

However, I think the guys were at least a little worried that they had already lost the team’s most important asset -- their loyal fans.

But thanks to the biggest heroes on Thursday: The Bruins Seventh Player, New England’s Oh So Faithful Legions, the Bruins carried the day and were able to put a big charge into the Garden after the Garden put a huge charge into them.

So, to those of you in the building, and those of you who were cheering at home or at your favorite establishment last night, I want to tip the the Black and Gold striped tuque to you, the Boston Bruin fan, and voice my sincere appreciation for your strong work.

"Thank you."

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