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Still Talkin’ Bout, the Game

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
The war of words continues up north -- this time with former Bruin Andrew Raycroft and new Bruin Marc Savard trading barbs.

In an article entitled More Bad Blood’s Bruin: Leafs set to renew hostilities with B’s, Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun insinuates that a "not-so-subtle suggestion by Marc Savard that the B’s had their ex-goaltender Andrew Raycroft’s number" is causing quite a stir up in T.O.

Hornby writes:
Savard, his club’s top scorer, took great satisfaction Saturday in saying the Bruins wanted to shoot high on Raycroft where they perceive he’s weakest and had two early goals as a result.
"Savard shoots his mouth off all the time, it’s nothing new," Raycroft said. "Every player in the league tries to shoot high on every goalie, because they all basically play the butterfly."

Couple those words with Darcy Tucker’s musings about Paul Mara and you have a genuine grudge match in the works tonight, folks!

It’s all downright Original Six, isn’t it?

For their part, the Bruins were basically demure about the whole thing yesterday, more concerned with packing and readying themselves for the trip and the game.

Asked about the war of words, Bruins Head Coad Dave Lewis had no comment and preferred to talk about hockey strategy and coaching psychology.

The reason the B’s might be quietly confident is because they have a quartet of Ents named Alberts, Chara, Jurcina and, of course, Mara, who might have something to say about any physical play tonight.

Enforcer or no, they all weigh in the range of 220-230 pounds and are all over 6’4.

FYI: The feisty Tucker, who combines his aggressive, antagonistic play with a scary penchant for goal scoring, is listed at 5’10 and 178.

On the other hand, he has a 16-9-25 line, so maybe the Bruins ought not worry about fisticuffs and worry much more about keeping the red light off and keeping Tucker’s +/- rating at -7.
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