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Stan’s the Man...

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Meet Stan Chistov

The Bruins practiced this morning prior to a 3:00 p.m. plane ride to Washington, DC.

New forward and former Duck, Stanislav "Just Call me Stan" Chistov was there with bells on, happy to have migrated east to Boston.

After skating just a few drills, Chistov seemed ready to change the dynamic of the Bruins checking line from energy driven brawn to skating driven speed and he fit onto the Mowers line quite nicely -- with he and Tenkrat being the booster rockets to Mowers versatile orbiter.

Chistov will wear #13 after being acquired on the 13th.

Obviously, there is no triskaidekaphobia in Mr. Chistov.

The Lines

Alberts, Chara, Mara, Stuart, Dempsey, Jurcina all skated.

Thomas and Finley.

That means the only person missing was Jason York, who is out indefinitely with a knee injury.

Session secrets
The goalies saw a lot of shots through traffic, created by 3-on-1’s started from the defensive zone, with the forwards carrying across the blue and trying to get the defenseman and the goalie out of position to open up a shot on goal.

The Bruins also practiced penalty shots with the best moment of practice coming when Shean Donovan wiped out on his way to the goal. There were no guffaws, but a large number of smiles in the line at center ice after Donovan got up from the ice.

Glen Murray competed with a broken stick for the last few minutes of the practice…his blade had broken mid way and, in effect, created a mini-stick blade. Perhaps Glen was going the Ozzie Guillen route as the White Sox manager used to use a mini-glove in practice to help his fielding hands.

Muzz actually had a mean slapper with the shortened blade.

The end of the practice featured a mad scramble that pitted goalie Tim Thomas versus every forward on the squad. Tim held out quite a while until Marc Savard bested him to the glove side.

Hearing voices
"I think we have the right attitude. You need to have good intense practices and address some of the mistakes made in a previous game and focus on the next game…you have to have competitive practices and [get used to] game tempo and game situations. You have to have those…1-on-1 battles and good hard drills."
Captain, Zdeno Chara, on maintaining momentum from one game to the next

"I have to say, I am enjoying being here and practicing with the Bruins again…I am trying to use my speed during the games, and it helps me with defense. Speed is definitely what I like to use on the ice…I can’t say anything about Washington [personally, because I haven’t played them in awhile] but I do know that Washington is a pretty good team and it should be a pretty good hockey game."
Forward, Peter Tenkrat, on his first week with the Bruins during the regular season

"I am happy to be here…So far it’s good. Good guys in the locker room, and good coaches. So this is my chance, too. They gave me an opportunity and I have to take it…I was a little nervous. I am the new guy and I didn’t know anybody here. But in a couple of days, I will be alright…I just met these guys for the first time today."
Forward, Stanislav Chistov, on his first day with the Bruins
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