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Sponge Bob

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
I am not sure why Sponge Bob is a kid’s show. I think it is much better suited to primetime. My reasoning is simple…

If the ever-perky Katie can go primetime, then so can Bob.

If Deion can nickname himself "Primetime," then I really think Bob can pull it off.

If "Love Monkey" can get canceled, saved by its fans, and resurrected on VH1, then I am sure "Love Sponge" could make it on MTV2.

Maybe "Who shot Sponge Bob" could save the network Saturday nights.

Maybe Sponge Bob could move out of his pineapple and right into "The OC."

He might even be able to do Monday Night Football on ESPN.

What if Bob moved in with the twins to really make it a "Full House?"

Imagine the advantage he would have on "Survivor?"

He could be the next Idol!

In all honesty, the options would be endless, but I really do believe Bob just needs a chance!!!!
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